Dealing with This World Today

by Brandon Edge



Since I don't have wav masters for this album, I can't upload it to bandcamp..However, you can find a link to an mp3 copy of this album at my facebook music page [click the "About" tab, and expand "Long Description"].:

Or you can listen to it as a YouTube playlist:

This album can't really be called music. It's just a document for the curious, of some recordings I did when I was 13/14 [before I started learning guitar] on a cheap tape recorder of me "singing" various early things I'd written. I promptly forgot I'd ever made this and found it many years later, wondering why I didn't use any of these ideas when I did actually start writing on guitar.

01 - Everybody Takes the Blame
02 - Sing a Song of Cigs
03 - Clever Scheme
04 - Off the Wall [Early Sketch]
05 - Murder, Life, and Liberty
06 - A Dilemma
07 - Because I Love You
08 - Kick It [V1]
09 - Stumblin' Fool
10 - Idiots in Wait
11 - The Teacher Said Do Not Give Up
12 - Golfrun / Why Can't You Love Me
13 - The Teacher Said Do Not Give Up II
14 - What If Everybody Tried (Coward)
15 - Two for the Toad
16 - My Time Is Up
17 - Dealing with This World Today
18 - Golfrun II
19 - She's a Pitbull
20 - Stared Is Dead
21 - TV Is Dead
22 - Kick It II
23 - You Are a Maniac

cover photo credit: my mom (10/22/85)


released December 31, 1994



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