Have You Been to Heaven

by Brandon Edge

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released October 23, 1995



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: Have You Been to Heaven [V1]
drive along the road of hurt and forgiveness
try to talk to me and you'll feel that stress
yesterday i choked on a chance to make it
with my words i broke another chance to live it
i've never been to heaven, if you want to go
i've often sold the key, but you can find the road
i'm at a loss for words when you walk away like that
i've got a broken heart, i hope you didn't want that
have you been to heaven, you know i want to go
i've often sold the key, but you can find the road
Track Name: Everyone Falls [V1]
you're getting nowhere with all the places you go
you gain nothing even if you own it all
you're loved by no one even if you've fucked them all
you pave your road to death even if you're healthy and strong
so how can you stand to live in this world
oh how can you stand when everyone falls
just leave it all behind if you want to stay around
cause everyone falls sooner or later without a doubt
if you keep turning your ship away from helping hands
you'll find yourself washed up on the shores of loneliness
Track Name: Highly Upset
there's been times in the past when i believed i was a good man
but now i just believe i'm highly upset
there's been times in the past when i knew
that i could love a sweet little girl like you
but it's all fucked up now, cause i've been highly upset
well there's been only a few precious times
that i've been able to love you yet
because, the reason i haven't loved you since
is because i have become highly upset
highly upset, i'm highly upset
you better fuckin' believe it, that i'm highly upset
i'm highly, i'm highly
Track Name: Let Me Down [V1]
[hard to make out, but here's what i managed..]

i live all the time
...for my mother
i guess we loved each other but i'm not sure
i find i don't know if i should want you or not because i'm ready to pop
and i love you so much that i would...
...my friend said that you were a lover, but what's he know
my friend said we don't love each other
oh baby i don't even listen to a word he says
...you never let me down
oh my mother told me that i'm needin' to find another
i don't listen to her either
i love you to the end and i would never let you down
so she says that you would
Track Name: Raw Deal
hey, we need some shit in here
we just need, we need a little comfort and consolation for our pain
and we need to...eat some dog shit and we need to fuck around and get fucky
and get crazy and fly and kick and pick our nose and shove it up our ass
this is how it goes yeah, got it goin'
i met this man on the corner, brown shoes, yea yea all that crap
he gave me his phone number and he told meeee oh well i forgot
but he told me that his wife was pretty fine
and i said well then you're lucky and all that crap
but told me also that i looked like a dirt head stonerbag ugly shit
and this is what i told him i said
god help me if i'm a little angry sometimes, i just can't control myself
even with doctors...i went to this doctor...
in the head, but he told me to come back and take this pill
but i told him i wasn't crazy i was just a little bit confused
and i just didn't know what to do and
sometimes i punch the wall when i'm mad
this what i told him i told him i told him
ah! die!!!
that's what ppl do to me..hehehe you just get a raw deal sometimes
just get a raw deal, that's why this song is called raw deal
this guy...that guy on the corner...that's what i told him you know i said
Track Name: Fractured
[lyrics by tom edge, except those in []'s, by brandon of course]

do you know what fractured caricatures scream in my face
[justine...(i couldn't read whatever word he actually wrote there)] leering, obscenities, i and i are at war in the clogged drains of
force my past ripplin' rugby players, tofu eaters, sooth sayers
tryin to breathe, make some room
[stay out of the way, oh god]
one day at a time screamed the slimy mime
he can't act anyway
i know better than that, but he won't say
congregate on the steps of time
barred windows, rolled cars, [molotov cocktails] but i don't mind
save me a place in line
[fuck this shit i've got better things to do, like kill you, oh]
immortal malls hallowed halls, cat calls and rubber balls
cream and candy with insignias attached to claws
don't you get it, matter doesn't matter does it
don't look puzzled unless you want a tag [you can overejaculate]
corrupted trees bear no good fruit [but i got nothin' better to do]
[fuck it got better things to do, than sit around, fuckin' around with you
and everyone else who'd like to get it on and sing this song
baby be all i could see, the way to eternity
eternity sucks so, no i'm not gonna burn, i'm not gonna burn!
for way too long i've lived in this hellhole, get out, big mama thorton...i'm so glad i killed the mime today, died and then wait for him to call me...bob dylan, log cabin village, ragged glory, hey
but i...fuck...got nothin better to do...got better things to do
than sit around and fuck you...oohoohooh...the way you do it
real hard, but when i tell you that i don't want any more you better listen hard
really really hard really really hard
really hard to stop at this point i'm gettin kinda crazy
Track Name: The One That Goes On
innocence, that's the one that goes on and on
that's the one that goes on
Track Name: Comet [V1]
oh what is strange to my eyes
this glorious sight, not alone tonight
i'm dreamin' of you, fallin' into
this emptiness we both want to hold on to
and i'm waiting for the comet
watching afar for the falling star
i'll know very soon if i saw it
they'll never know just how far we are
another has fallen beside me
hoping to catch a glimpse of us
i'm holding on to my faith
flying with you into heaven above
riding on the comet
waiting for light from this beautiful star
all the world is ours
they'll never know just how far we are
Track Name: Inside
all your life you've been sorry for yourself
and all this time i'm wondering if you're somebody else inside
all this time i've wondered if you're somebody else
what i feel inside, you could love somebody else
you see my heart, then i think you need to relax a little on the soft side
you need a band, what it'll take
it won't be back much, won't be that hard on me
won't be that hard for me, take your chances on my nobility
i wouldn't sacrifice it all for me
you know it baby
nowhere, it's in there, it's on me, it's out there
Track Name: Calico
she walks in and smiles at me
i can't reply cause she means
the world to me and i disgust myself
i wish i could be anyone else
my disposition is frightening
i want to say i love you but fear has hold me still
i want to say i love you but i don't love myself
the odds aren't in my favor to win you i'm sure
but you are all i have except for being sad
when i give up
the door opens and you walk out
i hang my head and cry aloud
i'm like a calico and you're a siamese
you're priceless and treasured, i'm thrown to the street
my intuition is questioning
when i look at you i feel two feet tall
i wish that i was good enough to be the one with you
when i get up
the wind howls and all around
trees are falling without a sound
you and i are together
the lights are out, it's bad weather
you look over to me in the darkness of this winter's dream
when i look at you my thoughts drift into peace
i can finally love again, never be without your love
when i give up
Track Name: Just Like You [V1]
you shut me up when you've got nothing to say
make me feel like i'm some kind of game
mass destruction relieves your pain
you pour it down on me like rain
why i live to harbor you
schemes and lies are all renewed
feelin lifeless, i'm feelin' screwed
turnin' out to be just like you
just keep it simple, empty your eyes of shame
our lives are different but it's always the same
controlling anger, it comes with fame
and arrogance has an heir in your name
just leave me alone get out of my face
to the human race you're nothin but disgrace
my naivety i've seemed to misplace
stop turning your life into a waste
Track Name: To Give
i gave it all away to save my only chance with you
for all we could have someday, if i could ever stay
if i had to speak on my own behalf
i'd say i gave it all away to same my only chance with you
for all we could have someday, to bleed this last disease
you have to give up your space to people with loathing hate
and laugh as if you enjoy it some way, and say that it's ok
if you could speak on your own behalf, wish you'd say
i gave it all away to save my only chance with you
for all we could have someday, to bleed this last disease
Track Name: Crazed Lunatic
do you see the moon tonight, i can only stare
waiting for you by my side, will you soon be there
well i stare into the sky and i wait for your light
if you can see me on the corner, would you stop by
i need your love, it's on my face
that i need a love with no why
well i stare into the sky, wait for your life to come into the light
and i wait for the light
stare in the sky and i wait for the light
the martyr sings a helpful cry
my senses are going to the dogs
i can feel and you can fight
together we'll find a little happiness
i love to sit and stare all night
Track Name: Wooden Plate
you'd like to think the wooden plate is burning
you'd also like to think that i'm hurting
well i've got a little secret for you
i'm not the one who's lacking the truth!
Track Name: Off the Wall [V2]
intrinsic values hard to find
and anything is hardly mine
search for wealth in something good
only find what's in my soul
drive it out now, stop this all
feel like i'm climbin up the wall
love that i once had is with me now
i'm alone tonight, it's desolate, cannot hear a sound
by my nightstand i will wait
til you arrive and i see your face
it's all i want in this world
it's not obsession, i just love you girl
i'm still waiting for your call
feel like i'm climbin up the wall
love i once had is with me now
i'm cold tonight, it's desolate, i cannot hear a sound
Track Name: Washed Away [V1]
i waited forever for you girl
i let nobody in my world
i've filled these pages with my love
my last request shall never rise above
no matter how hard i can try i can't escape how i believed a lie
now don't you wish that you were my friend, my friend
cause i'm the one with all the cash to spend
and you think that i'm all alone
but it ain't gonna be like that anymore
i've found a way to push the pain away
all your stupid words are all washed away
never heard again
it's nothing personal i just know
i was never meant to be alone
oh so many nights i've wondered how
i could live without you but i know now
what i can't do is live without you
so what can i do, oh what can i do!
Track Name: Sandal [V1]
i can read through your silent helpless dreams
in my mind i see you falling, and i reach for thee
in states of loveliness confused by hate
i'm feeling lonely, won't you please stay
i'll sit and comfort you for tonight
i'll stay by your side forever, all my life
i'll start a fire, won't you sit with me
and i'll die from desire, as i watch you sleep
i long to break the silence between you and i
when i'm up i am so high i could touch the sky
love me if it's alright, let me know
for tonight don't leave your memory
for i need you so
Track Name: Slumber [V1]
i'm alone, god help me, i'm falling, falling asleep
in control of absolutely nothing
i'm losing my mind
forever i'll spend in this state
longing for someone to save me from my slumber
unable to help myself up in my mind
my whole life controlled by something i can't see
or ever dream i could know me or my purpose
i'll leave it, don't leave it up to me
forever i'll spend in this state
all in a hurry to do nothing
do it well, oh i'm losing, losing myself
Track Name: Born of Light [V1]
if ever i'd walked through hell
it's when i said i'd sell
your trust in everything i said and did
...left me alone and dead
i can't try to ask why you left me last night
i can't begin to know why you left me last night
why you left me alone i'll never understand
...never know why you left me last night
i can't try to ask why my faith in you is my sight
my whole life, i can't begin to know why you left me last night
Track Name: Nothing Will Save You Now
ooh i got my head alive and i know where to find you
well oh no, i gotta try
you would help me
and well all-white and the faded dye
a picture of your eye
i gave you all my thought
and everything i've got
ahh ahh ahh
Track Name: Walking Alone
all of my life i've forseen the rays of radiant sunlight on your face
i read all the pages of silent ways of love
i wrote them myself and practiced them enough
i always walked alone
and i don't know how i'll walk anymore
seems all i've ever loved is you
i need you forever, do these words ring true
can you ever know, will i always be alone
don't know if i can tell you all i know
don't know how i'll sing anymore
will i always be alone
Track Name: What I Wanted
i saw you standing there in the doorway
with a passion in your eyes that i can't mistake
i saw you standing there, you were standing in my way
you couldn't see me and i thought that what i wanted
is what you wanted too, and if i would have only known
i could've changed a few of these words to my song
and even though i still love you
i thought that no one else could repay you for what i did
i saw you standing there
passion in your eyes no one could mistake
standing in the doorway, standing in my way
i can't repay you for what you did for me
i know what you did was hard to relate
but if i knew that you hated me too
and i thought that what i wanted was what you wanted too
but i was, if i was wrong my baby why didn't you tell me
if i thought i was mistaken would you let me know
if i don't know, baby ah let me know
let it show
Track Name: A Day in the Life of a Teenage Frog
some people say it's wrong to be different
but it's always good to be really cool
as part of my daily jump i can find
a reason to stay behind
i'm green with envy at your brand new life
i'm stuck in this body, it was never too good for me
some people say that it's wrong to be different
but it's always good to be really cool
as a part of my daily jump i can find
the reason to stay behind
i'm green with envy at your brand new life
i'm stuck in this body, it was never too good for me
you got a brand new life
and i'm still here stuck in this body, you're too good for me
listen to my life
you can rephrase my life, you can change my life
you can rephrase me, you can change me
i know i love you, i'm never good for me
i'm green with envy, and i'm stuck in this body
was never too good for me
cause i've been stuck inside my head
Track Name: All
in the darkness i can see a love that takes a hold of me
to everything that you hold true
forever showing itself to you
a love like this can always live
forever's all i'll give
i've got it all, as long as you're with me
i've got it all, baby
in your eyes i do believe
what came before could still be seen
in the darkness of my shame
reducing myself to contain
the wants of true eternal bliss
and thoughts of someday you to kiss
a love like this can always live
forever's all i'll give
i've got it all, as long as you're with me
i've got it all, baby
Track Name: Dragonfly
why don't you tell me what you think
i'm inclined to wonder what they mean
still entrenched in my utter stubborness i dream
cause things seemingly aren't what they seem
when it's a crime for me to decide
i can't rely on images, see
when it's a crime for all that's not mine
i can't rely on images, see
maybe they mean what they say
when have i ever been sane
why do i ever feel this way
to hell with thoughtful thought today
Track Name: The Riot Song
[i wish there were vocals to this]
Track Name: Just A-Felt Like Sayin' It
fuck you...i just a-felt like sayin' it
Track Name: I Woke Up with My Anger
[the only words i'm sure about in this are the title and "my moneeyyy"]
Track Name: I'd Like to Make You Dead
i am very good in bed
you better believe that i'm good in bed, you know i'm good
so good that you could screw me right now
and no one would ever know
you ought to know because you're very stupid
you're very stupid
stupidest chick that i've ever met in my whole life
my whole life
i'm feelin good, feelin so good, i'm feelin so so so good
feelin so good
think i'll go for a while, until i regain my...
throw a few rocks around, you know what i mean, yeah
because you know just what i mean
i love to throw rocks at your head
i love to make sure that you become dead
i'd like to make you dead
i feel so good, feelin so good
yes i'm feelin so fuckin wonderful that i could just eat shit
yeah i'm feelin so great, gotta eat some worms, throw some rocks around
at your head, til you're dead
i can't believe it, i've become insane
i don't know how to sing anymore
yeah man i've become highly upset
Track Name: Hanging
i was captured, brought to this place
only to die
i was captured, brought to this place
she strung my hands up, all alone
Track Name: Standard Staples
standard staples i kick myself in the ass
kick myself in the ass one time...
givin it all away to my baby tonight
she ate all her toenails then she said baby i want your toenails
but i said i don't want to cut my toenails off so fuck you bitch
fuck you fuck you fuck you
got a big problem with controlling myself
Track Name: John Denver
i'm john denver, you are a shitlicker
i'm john denver, you are a worthless imbecile
bring me another frog to eat
john denver dines on frogs
dines, on frogs