I'll Give You Pleasure

by Brandon Edge

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all tracks written/performed/recorded by brandon edge [alone].
written/recorded july 4-aug 2 2007 at the den of iniquity, robstown, tx.

the line "lost relationship i want you back fuck off bitch" in 'service charge' was something i picked up in conversation from a friend, Saeed Ali, so i'm giving him credit here for that.


released August 2, 2007



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: Apocalypse Later
the power to ruin the world, it's the power of the cock
the end of all our aspirations, cause the sky to fall
the cunt still takes its toll, the thunder makes its roll
the weak like insects crawl
we'll never learn just how to burn
apocalypse is wasted on us all
cause we've got the drive to feel alive
man is doomed to fall
this is the cock to end all cocks
the doomsday dong, ticking like like a bomb
the aftermath leaves calm
what a day
Track Name: The Hawk Swooped Low
a case by case basis in symbio-stasis,
a foot soldier march in place
crane swoop, scoop up the blow
can't go to school cause the hawk swooped low
fucking seagulls are getting in my face
grain elevator aahh we're goin' down
makin' sure i can't reach a submarine feeling of subdued speech
cart around this unstable design with a process of thought which i cannot define
inhale this lovely thing, exhale your very being
ingest a fluffy cloud but it always looks like shit when it comes out
just like you
7 lucky 7, have you been deceived by false advertising?
it's time to pick a side, we're fighting for our lives
there's no return from this juncture, machines are here to puncture
Track Name: Orifice Alert
there's an orifice you like to call your mouth
where your life and everything you are is sucked out
undermined by everything, you don't have time to see
the tragedy of letting go of what you think you cannot be
it's so pretty like an ancient rotting picture
so useless like an ancient rotting scripture
bleed today bleed tomorrow fill the whole wide world with sorrow
please don't get that blood all over me
rot rot aw fuck it's hot she's so hot look at that azz
go get the pussy now insert the penis look at him go
Track Name: Matador
my love is strong my love is true
my love is reserved for people like you
it's all that i can give, it just might help you live
when in doubt just punk me out
you'll see how much i care
the force of nature blows around
it'll blow you down, i swear
dont ever question the severity the sincerity
tongues lungs bungs, i'm hip to the ways and means of a superstar
a song that must be sung, like a bull just wants to stab that matador
we can make it if we try
put your head on the guillotine
revolution, we gotta try
to take it to the next level, the next plane
like an aeroplane, aerospace technologies
the power of the mind can astound me
but fear can lead to a dark road
Track Name: Allah (Thinks I'm Neato)
the single most important discovery in the history of the world
is the fact that i'm exactly just the same as you, girl
so let's kill ourselves like blue oyster cult and go to heaven on a catapult
gracious lies dissolved in a haze of blistering wealth
i'm so amazed that allah thinks i'm ok, allah thinks i'm alright
he's the god that i like, well kinda
allah thinks i'm neato, allah thinks it's right
so lets go kill americans tonight
cause there's a ranch in the afterlife
got more cows than you need, really
there's also virgins or so i hear
quite a tragedy if you ask me
but that's all i can think to ask for
so gimme the car and lemme drive
find the episcopalian pastor
and let him know it's time to die
cause allah thinks i'm ok allah says it's alright
he's the god that i wanna fuck, you know it
allah thinks i'm neato, i disagree but he's the god you know
so let's take em all down with us babe
we'll show the world that we mean business
or something.
Track Name: Moons
people sometimes forget
what we've been through to get this far
people sometimes regret
the love that's lost when you break my heart
travelling to moons, just had to say sayonara
listening to tunes, just had to play my guitarra
lookin for the truth, and finding only lies
living on the moons, it's paradise
come up sometime and smoke a bowl
i'll take care of your mortal soul
i'm like a gentle woolly mammoth
it's warm on the moons
richard nixon went to the moon once
but i shot him on sight
oughtta know better than to try to take my moondust
the power of lust indicates that i'm superiour to presidents
time travel notwithstanding ya dumb cunt
Track Name: Service Charge
lost relationship i want you back fuck off bitch
meet you like the rest across the great divide
encased in our divisive states, a continental show of pride
i'm so enamored enchanted enthused
but next week i'll feel like i'm being used
whatever you do just keep me amused
i'm guilty as sin but may i be excused
boredom's bulgin' litanies large
i can't afford the service charge
out the door and in the garage
listen all yall it's self-sabotage
bloodstained mattress in the alleyway of disapproval
call the cops for my removal
there's nothing of course that's left to be said
Track Name: Pull the Lever
there's gotta be a way to right the wrongs in society
and sing the songs of propriety
and lead the nation into an era of abundant truth
is there a lever i can pull
to make you stop acting like a fool
another day of making do
i might just have to murder you
our chance is slim to nothing
my head is fat, or something
lever pull the lever watch it sever your arms and legs
forever and ever you wallow in amongst the dregs
firestorm and filibuster, all the shame a name can muster
lack of oxygen feelin flustered, sucked up by the dust buster
go now and seek the truth, go now against the grain
go now and pour the blood of fools straight down the drain
lever pull the lever it's clever, how we strive to be
mediocre, supersoaker, strip poker, see how long you can pee
fat chance i dance, paris france in broken glass
first glance romance, take off your pants and show me your ass
Track Name: A Tower of Mud
a tower of mud is erected
by intellect of dust collected
in all the distance you drive
are you ever satisfied
what good is vision
without the ability to listen
the touch of golden fleece
is not so riveting to your genitals
when violence belies a certain peace
the constancy of jealous chemicals
into the dried up oceans of fate
how clever do you dissipate
what reward must you confiscate
life from below is known to hate
Track Name: Lumberjack
i like many enjoy the taste of a good beer
i won't accept light without a fight, and if i have to i'd take on the antlers of a deer
beer should be good, a light should glow
i like what i like, i know what i know
you've got to believe if you want to receive
so roll up your sleeves chop down trees
lumberjack it's a tangent. lumberjack it's a call to arms
lumberjack won't save a farm he's there to cut the trees
lumberjack likes beer too. lumberjack don't like light beer, fool
lumberjack has been said enough times, so get me a beer pretty please
and we can move on to greener pastures
Track Name: Your Muff
come on lesbo tell me what you want
you don't want cock but it's all that i got
i can lick and suck and some other stuff
so come on lesbo lemme suck on your muff
i need a sign, something i can recognize
to let me know that you're mine
come on lesbo (if you want it) give it a rest
we're all about the same and i got some breasts
if that ain't enough i'll cry like an orphan
and make you feel pretty bad
Track Name: Calla Lily
visualize world peace
Track Name: The Land That Time Forgot
there's a place that time forgot, it's waiting
where a queen rules over all, the name's katie
i'd like to get in her pants, that's true
but i'm supposed to be building a fence according to you
where's the time to visit the forgotten country??
where's the time to rediscover a glorious dream?
go beyond the borders, we can be free from siege
take another hit of lsd, my leige
why not be what you want to be
plant those trees that let me breathe
in this forgotten country we like to be ourselves
in this forgotten country we like to talk to elves
it's dandyfine, the dream that can be mine
where the fountain of youth springs up like a well
Track Name: Streets of Rage
in some ways i pimp in some ways i gimp
in some ways i dont have a choice
there's light to be found if you look around
and i think there might be some sex toys
take a look around
gotta watch out sometimes
when you're out late at night
you never know what you're gonna find
on the streets of pain, the streets of rage
the streets of the almighty god, pimp, gimp
better know what you're lookin for out there
if you hope to find anything at all
god knows i sure as hell don't know
Track Name: Seagull to Noise
you must die (get away get away get away)
i won't lie (get away get away get away)
you're so annoying i hate you so
don't want you to stay
so why won't you go, away
ain't got nothin', nothin' for you!
Track Name: Gossamurder
gossamurder is awesome murder
when your head feels heavy and your mind is weak
i could give you something that will help you sleep
uh huh
gotta go with the flow when you listen to me!
we're at the summit of everything
we know that you wanna believe in something
we know what it is
down by the seaside we have a saying
we never get into trouble with the local thugs
and all the cops that wanna fuck me up
i'll give em somethin they won't forget called feedback
feedback to the cops
cmon suck my cock
ooh, bet you didn't see that one comin
it's a gossamurder, gossafuckinmurder, it's a murder
fuckin murder man!
let me give all that i have to you jesus
please cmon alright rock n roll
gossamurder gonna go bye bye, you're never gonna see it again
gossamurder gonna go bye bye, ain't that a terrible sin
oh no that's a terrible sin, terrible, horrible
i wouldn't wish that on the most evil man in the world
baby baby that's hitler
Track Name: I'm Not Richard Nixon
i got the bitch tits
i'll prob'ly get lynched
you're expecting too much
i'm not richard nixon, i suck
fixated on a sphere
recite the poem so queer
overlords interfere
so eloquent the fears
listen to ma belle
we're comin up from hell
with products i can sell
but i gotta face the fact that i'm not well
where do you go to meet your dreams
do they always slip between the seams
of life's insipid shoulder pads
jump my dick and suck my nads
gracious host of heavens high
oh my lord it's time to die
i'm never gonna lose that feeling
i'm never gonna learn
square dancing was invented by satan
fuck off mrs whatever.
i know your name but i'm not gonna say it aloud
cause my head is in the clouds
i'm at the circle k
red white and blue all over my face
gotta get out of this place
Track Name: The World Is a Bad Porno
the summit of the mountain contains shit
realize your place then get over it
only when you die can you live
only when you take can you give
gotta make the pieces fit
gotta find a word that rhymes
but when i'm squeezin off a shit
that's the spirit of the times
understanding fails to seize
the open possibilities
a way to freedom punch the clock
drain your soul and shrivel your cock
that's the way my love is
there is no up or down
only closer and farther away
baby i feel about as far as i can be
words just don't mean anything
the world is a bad porno
and i just can't get it up anymore