Just Cause

by Brandon Edge

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released July 4, 1997



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: Wasteland
do what you wanna do
cause i can't stop thinkin
i know it's gonna bring me down this time
i'll do what i want to
i'm gonna start drinkin
even though it takes me down each time
ugly desert wasteland greets me with another scorchin day
blistering sun beats down on me with every single ray
i'll be a superstar in my brand new car
never coming down cause i'm so high
i'll try my luck at golf
even though i'll suck
and be chuckin the golf balls through the pines
Track Name: Reunion
back in austin there was a girl i used to know
she had me wrapped around her finger like a little ho
she took me places that i never thought i'd see
and then she broke my heart and went on as she pleased
where are you now i wonder
did you really love me or was it my blunder
cause you trapped me under water now i can't breathe
hope you know what that means
days go by and now i've got a cautious heart
now you curse me but i won't come back and play my part
you've had your chance to say what you mean
you see i don't give a fuck about you anymore

one little mistake you made, i can't hold it against you
so i invite you to my house perhaps to call a truce
i hear the knock at the door, it's 8pm
i open it up to see 5 heavily armed men
they open fire as i run into my den
to get the shotgun so they'll never come back again
i blast 1 2 3 4 5
they're all dead on the floor now you better run for your life
Track Name: Take Me with You
i want a new girl
someone to rock my world
26 seconds
let me go, lessened
don't you want to take me with you
every day a new face
solemn voice, saving grace
i see a blue star
refuge from gold tar
26 trailers
32 failures
dead folk quiet life never told or asked why
Track Name: Just Cause
you can't explain it if you don't understand
and you can't relate to it because you're in demand
you'd sacrifice it if it meant you'd be held high
and you'd celebrate it if you thought it'd make you fly
you're only out to help yourself
hypocrisy is on your shelf
the bump will swell into a welt
faithlessness will never tell
you're right to call it in the air
cause you know that i'll never care
my purpose is to lay bare
all your injustices
right now i'm sitting at home
thinking how i'm on my own
but i don't need your company
if you were here i'd make you leave
all prior substance dissolved into a blur
and any remaining innocence is gone from what i heard
your image is fading but relentless you hold steadfast
to malice and hating, oh you know that'll never last
Track Name: In the House of Love
nothing to fear in the house of love
nothing to hate, we will rise above
all is well and beautiful
nothing's trying to crush your skull
animals walking upright without any help
and in the distance there's the sound of schoolhouse bells
nothing to fear in the house of love
nothing to hate, we will rise above
yeah, bitch!
Track Name: Insanity Impulse Roadtrip
i got no reservation
and no time to spare
i got no consolation
cause i just don't care
i'll take the easy way out with my spark and plug
and check the brakes with the push of my foot
and hit the juice on my 72 bug
would i say i love what i take and shove
would i say i'd save a piece of candy for the ones i betrayed
would i say give me, if i had more than i need
should i say i wouldn't tell, if i'd rather spend a day in hell
i've got no cigarettes and no juice in my car
gotta make a stop at the local bar
i take the easy way out
and now i'm gonna get high!
i wanna pick the brains from my feet
and hit the juice on my 72 bug
drivin on, no way home
Track Name: Wreck My Grip
well i'm feelin just ready to pop
every time i get pulled over by a motherfuckin cop
inner city traffic gridlock
as the clock go tick and a tock
tryin to get home in the rush hour shit
5 billion cars tryin to wreck my grip
i go so fast but they just won't quit
red and blue lights flashin now i'm in deep shit
everybody tryin to wreck my grip
trippin on gats, lettin those triggers slip
insanity from which i can't get away
the freeway is a warzone every day
this town is a hive for thugs
shootin craps, turnin tricks, and slangin their drugs
overcrowded urban wasteland, the only protection is the 9 in my hand
i cruise around in my ride lookin for the chicks
but their paranoia only makes me wreck my grip
i've had enough of being a loser
now everybody wants me to move over
don't wreck my grip, my grip
go away from me now, i need to get some sleep
in my crib
Track Name: Fireside Vanity Fair [V1]
burning down the factories in the dust of another day
as if we ever thought it could be saved, our thoughts would separate
stretching out the fingers to lift another dead friend from the floor
this could be the end of the line for the love we had in store
cause you're bringing me down, kicking me down
burying me underground
and if you shovel my soul down into this hole
my friend it will never be found
amusing conversation at the end to another day
tv's light shines cold and bright, insanity reigns
you know i'm praying for the pain to go away
you know i'm praying for the rain to come again
Track Name: Joust [V2]
i've grown too tired to keep the score
you've gone and left me out my back door
the sun is out and i'm breakin sweat
you're cold as ice and that's what i get
i am informed and i'm half dead
your love is sworn and then you stole it back instead
my hate is listless but impending
you can't imagine what my sorrow brings
i was a flame that burned for you
now it's gone out as you've left me blue
you call my name across the room
i see my fate and run from you
Track Name: Shadow of Deceit
[inaudible: free the microphone, the microphone is trapped in the depths of its devastating spirituality! and i know why, i don't know why, but i do...think you're protected, ha! there's never been a bigger lie! i'll watch you scream as i poke out your eyes...]

we spent many of days walking under waterfalls
but things just couldn't be the same
as you took not some but all
i see now as i had cause to see
i see that you had cause to leave
a love self-centered on deceit
yet so perfectly misconceived
in a shadow of deceit, among the remnants of belief
reclused you from a short relief
left me crying at your feet
and now i know if you'd come home
shadows that were here have gone
away again as all is well
led away for another spell
as i read another harmless word
still you act as if to turn
and it all falls down
Track Name: Ballad for a Ghost/Bean Bag Dick
come to your senses and destroy yourself
don't you wait for anybody else
to say they're sorry or see you suffering
just leave your head behind
i give you what you want
i give you a new way to taunt
look into your eyes, what do you see
a girl that gives everybody a stiffy
after i take a pee
we'll get it on, my groove's funky
some men may boast about their butt
shake it around and yell 'tut tut'
but it remains to be seen if they have any nuts
but since i'm not a fag i don't give a fuck
they got a bean bag dick
the snobby little pricks
took cash to the clinic
came out with a brand new dick
Track Name: You Fuckin' Bitch
there once lived a girl who had really big tits
she wanted me bad but i didn't give in
i know it was a good decision
my schlong has overwhelming precision
to poke and pump and pork a chick
to slice and dice and kill pricks
they make me nuts
always trying to fuck with me
we'll see how they feel after i put pencil lead in their penisholes
i had a job at walmart but no one liked me that much
maybe it's because i'd always ask strangers to fuck
reception of this request was usually followed by
get this sick fuck off me
just try screwing with me one more time
with those lines you always give me
about self respect and dignity
ha, no one has those things
you expect me to act like a normal person, fuck you!
Track Name: Car Thief Manifesto
the manifesto, time for the manifesto, the manifesto!!
the rocks in your head they bang and breathe
with a slam and blast and a fallen dream
so heavy they were when they did fall
like an axe from heaven came and killed you all
took your house and all your cash
stuck a pointy stick right up your ass
i am the jacker i am the thief i am the one with no belief
i am the bitch i am the whore i will get in your car door
Track Name: Trading Places [V1]
on a winter's day i ride, you lovely by my side
forgiving everyone, marking what wrong i've done
she left no return address, the letter on the desk
guess it's sacred more or less
for no more than i can stress
ooh in my head the spiraling of a love dead
into the empty directed at me
stare into black for the one i want back
can't breathe in quiet you'd never buy it
in a silent dream i pose a question to your ghost
said who do you love the most
in timid steps you froze
ask again but no reply
still the distance in your eyes
wonder if you know i'm here
is there something you have to fear
can't sneak up behind you, and take a glimpse of your faces
and the new man who wants this
trading places
Track Name: Dot [V1]
alone in the house about a quarter to 3
and i'm gazing at the wall
everything is as it seems to be
but i just don't care at all
i wait until the sun goes down
and i feel the evening breeze
out on the street i can't hear a sound
but the night's life to breathe
we could burn away it all til we're just dots in the sand
making our own claims in innocence
we'll steal a little love from the shining sun as it slips through our hands
and makes its way to where everything makes sense
clear mind and a clear conscience but there's no one around to care
in this play where nothing makes sense and there's too much shit to bear
i'd love you in the morning and i'd love you in the evening time
but my life as it is is so boring, my 2 cents ain't worth a dime
with my wits about me, and my love in my heart
a static charge of envy that explodes into a star
a resonant relationship with the angels and the doves
a beam of sound so high and loud from the heavens and clouds above
Track Name: Bug
ah! get it out of my face man!
bzz bzz bzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz blblbl
i'm a little bug, and i'm gonna mess with you
and i wanna mess with you!
and i'm gonna mess with you!
i'm a little bug

i try to understand the things that i hear
you just keep on buzzing like the bug in my ear
one time i saw you flying round my house
acting like a real prick
and i swat you down with the flick of my stick
a bug
a bug
swat you down, now
squash you down now
they never go away
i never go away, i am the little bug that flies in your way
i never go away, i am the little bug that flies in your face
i never go away i have come to stay
i am the little bug that flies in your face
i just can't understand why they ...buzz in my ear
get it out of my ear...get it out of my face, man
oh no, can't understand woaahhhh
Track Name: Aspirin [V1]
[stardome version is much better ..]
Track Name: Come On Fuck Me
come on fuck me, it would be a fun thing to do
and everybody knows that i want you to fuck me
come on baby let's get it on
right here right now just put your mouth on my schlong
that's right bitch i'll make you cum everywhere
when i get inside i'm gonna groan like a bear
yeah growl like a bear
hey why don't you clean up that cum
Track Name: Phaelia
Track Name: Teardrops
ANOTHER INSTRUMENTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Widget, Do You Understand
this is very important what i'm saying right now
better listen up quick before i have a cow
i question uniform logic every day
and test all of my theories in every way
i have come to conclude one thing:
the insensitive incorrigible belligerence is the implication of your understanding
now Widget, do you understand the implications of your understanding?
it's important that you understand why you bark at birds when they are landing
i've studied the evidence again and again
the restitution of your mind power shall allow you to win
through all my years of clinical research, one thing is evident to me
the justification of your insane mind is the implications of your understanding
Widget, do you understand the implications of your understanding?
Widget, do you understand the implications of your understanding?
Widget, do you understand the implications of your understanding?
Widget, do you understand the implications of your understanding?
Widget, do you understand the implications of your understanding?
Widget, do you understand the implications of your understanding?
Widget, do you understand the implications of your understanding?
Track Name: If You've Ever Dreamed of Screwing
if you've ever dreamed of screwing with me, i'd be very happy to fulfill your dreams
if you've ever dreamed of screwing with me, i'd be very happy to fulfill your dreams
if you've ever dreamed of screwing with me, i'd be very happy to fulfill your dreams
if you've ever dreamed of screwing with me, i'd be very happy to fulfill your dreams
if you've ever dreamed of screwing with me, i'd be very happy to fulfill your dreams
if you've ever dreamed of screwing with me, i'd be very happy to fulfill your dreams
if you've ever dreamed of screwing with me, i'd be very happy to fulfill your dreams
if i've ever dreamed of screwing with myself, i would not hesitate to be..
Track Name: Point Blank (Tax Evasion)
how many times will i have to tell you no
before you get the message through your big fat skull
i've tried to be civil but i've lost my patience
i've lost the ability for human relations
so look don't test me if you don't want to fight
i'll break and bite and scratch and rip your heart out tonight, bitch
i'll leave it bloody and detatched on the floor
so everyone'll know that you're a motherfucking whore
everyone will fear what's in store
the world is turning into a fuckin' weird place
stupid ass cops always harassin' to my face
i'd like to put the motherfuckers in their place...

...who's the little thug on the mission? i got the vision
nuclear fission, a collision, with precision, the expense and the provision
it's how i'm livin', and if you're dissin' you'll be kissin' the concrete
you know you can't compete
i deplete your receipts, tax evasion, a persuasion to the nation, an elation
to make sure you're waitin', you're patient
i'm the assailant, lock you in the basement
and if you holler it's a BIG FAT STICK UP YO BOOTY!
Track Name: What the Fuck's Goin' On
soo, what the fuck's goin' on? i don't know!!!
Track Name: All I Wanna Do
i've got a secret, i'll tell you what
i'll tell it to you only if we can fuck
i've been thinkin bout it for a long time
and i bought some really expensive wine
so i can get you drunk and in the sack
and thrust my giant dick into your buttcrack
but let's not forget the pussy
don't leave too quick
before i get a chance to give it 50 big licks
you might think i'm crazy and you might say i'm crass
cause all i want to do is pump semen into your ass
semen on your breast, semen on the floor
semen inn the toilet, semen on my whore
semen in the bathtub, semen in the shower
semen on the pussy, AKA flower
let us ponder the things that perplex us
and get some women so they can sex us
i'll take you for a ride in my lexus
and say a prayer to the one who protects us
now the shitkickers down in texas
ain't nary one of them who can out-sex us
we got women on tap, hell we got the ice chests
to keep the sperm in so i can have my breakfast
now any of you suckas who would try to test us
with your dumb gangsta rookies and child molestas
our gats will fire, the stakes get higher
and your bones will snap underneath my tires
you might say that i'm coming on too strong
with my gats, my homies, and my big schlong
but boy listen up and listen good
i'll chop every single one of your body parts off
now i'm going down to Van Buren to find me some whores
where for art thou, fucking whores, i implore
give me some booty and i'll give you some cash
all i wanna do is pump semen into that ass
i see that your ass is pretty large
i'll make it fall asleep when my dick is in charge
i'll fuck you in the morning and the evening too
you heard it here first, honey, i wanna pork you
the cops might try to stop me but i don't give a shit
cause all i wanna do's pump semen into your clit
Track Name: Rock Ya Flow
you may be being stalked but you don't know why
fears in your head just making you cry
living the hood life, living the good life
living an 'i would if i could' life
the potent strife from your landlord's knife
the air is thick and tight in your room tonight
waiting for a phone call from your crew
that you thought would never come so what's up with you
you gonna wait around for them all your life
and become one of them stupid mothafucka's wife
well i don't like that plan
and i'm a save ya from the jerks that be playin their hand
makin they threats any time i'm comin up
in a shiny new car cause they cold outta luck
when it comes to the cashflow, they sippin the bottom
suckin up nothin, you act like you got em
under your control, under your wing
such a small dove as you can't do such things [lmao]
i love you too much to see you out on the street
turnin tricks with the thugs tryin to cop the beat
i tell you how i feel, girl, i love ya so
as i've said in the past, i wanna ROCK YA FLOW
up down font back, side to side
so i can assure you that you are my pride
into your pussy is where i want to slide
and if you have a secret you know you can confide
in me until the day that i day
i'll be your sole provider and fix your broken ass ride
then i'll head to the kitchen, fix you up with a PIE
i want to love you in the night and in the daytime
watchin soap operas, sittin on the couch, drinkin wine
if you're ever gone, i'll sit inside my lonely ass room
and drink heavily and pine
for you eternally
and to swerve to me and curve me
under your hips the pussy lips move gracefully
with sincerity and ecstasy and frantic motion
is where i want to be
with your sex and my swerve honey bee
i'll be rockin you til 2 or 3, in the morning when you usually sleep
tuck you in baby and say goodnight
babehhhhhhhhh, goodnight my love
Track Name: I Can't Hear You
no talent, no talent
you need a hearing aid (no talent)
you need a hearing aid (no talent)
can't think straight, don't regulate, tell it to the judge
can't concentrate, can't think straight, no talent
i can't hear you, i can't hear you
i can't, ugh...no...uhh...uhhhhhhhhhhehhh
eh, hearing aid, need a hearing aid, no talent
need a he- e -e -e-earing aid, tell it to the judge
wah! eh! uh! ah! ugh! ahh! ugh! ah! uhh!
may god have mercy on your soul!
need a hearing aid
don't regulate, can't concentrate, can't think straight
tell it to the judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eh! uh! eh!
speech class, speech class, you need speech class
no talent... EGHHHHHHHHHH! EEEEEEGHHH!! EGGH!!!!!!!!!!
need a hearing aid...judge
t-t-t-tell it to the judge.
iiiiiiiiiiii caaaaaaaaaaaan't heeeeeeeeeeear yooooooooou
iiiiiiiii aaaaaaam still liiiiiiiiiiiistening
will you speak loooooudah, cause i can't hear yooooou
at all
need a hearing aid. judge? NO TALENT!
headed for the BOTTOM...egh-eh-hegh.
ooh eh eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Electrofuck
you don't know what i could do to you...i could do many bad things to you, i could destroy you
i got a switchblade, no doubt about that
i don't think you understand the fact that i have a switchblade do you?
Track Name: Brand Angst
i run your ass down kinda like a tractor
over the agents and aspiring actors
run into the hardware store for some plaster
give to the workers, build my house faster
well unless you wanna get your dumb skull cracked
i'd sit in the back and quit talkin crap
cause everybody knows that your crew's all whacked
sittin in the living room smokin mass crack
my lyrical statistics are hard to track
well i'm the man in charge, criminal at large
big sail barge, expensive cars
play mean guitars when i'm climbin the charts
if my car breaks down i'll buy some new parts
[take a deep breath you indispensables, tell me how it feels, to constantly project the chemical...]
yeah you better watch out, i'm comin at you fast
cheetah speed with a gat, gonna cap your ass
wanna roll with my crew, better stop sniffin paint
you crazy ass suckas been using brand ANGST
got my own plane, so don't complain, i'm gonna blow out your brain
swallow a midget
Track Name: Ghost
[somewhere in an old notebook i have the words for this but i can't hear this shit]

nails...as the coffin...[sth]
...pity and pale, to the only faces i should meet
my ghost, my shadow, my shade
in face is thrown the blade
be my sight, be my light divine
into the light, your light will shine [?]
...[the same unintelligible verse]
severing my..dreaming...
sleeping...my head...
so many secrets i've told, should've been left unsaid
Track Name: Merry Christmas Mom
i refuse to transcribe this
Track Name: Gallant Fuse
[idk...i heard "hook me up bitch" and "suck me suck me". beyond that...:shrug:]