Learn About Grace

by Brandon Edge

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running time: approx 41mins
made by brandon edge w/ no help, as is usually the case
recorded 11/25/14-1/3/15 at black lake studio, campti, la
and eclipse studio, austin, tx

basic tracks were recorded at my dad's house in campti, la while i was visiting him in nov. 2014. since every time i pick up his guitar ['65 gibson b-25] i want to write something, i did these 17 tracks on a little portable tape recorder, which explains the hiss and lo-fi-isms. then when i got back to my computer in austin i added some vocal overdubs to every track except "the scope of my injuries" b/c i couldn't tell wtf i was saying.

cover photo by Kelsome the Great (w/ some filters added by me)
random unknown dude in robe, taken at joshua tree national park, ca

thanks to all those who provided inspiration (positive or negative)
thanks to my dad for supplying me w/ beer during recording


released January 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: Poseur-Dozer
save your strength for the people that i hate
help me vanquish the villains
the wind it blows through the second story window
the temperature of which is chillin'
talkin' really silly, man, i'm talkin' really stupid don't ya know
brandon's gonna get ya, gonna snap a little picture in the snow
before you go
to spend a little time away from me
mend a wounded heart impatiently

caverns glow when the rivers overflow
it's time to take these people higher
feelings grow when the dick receives a blow
your mouth has set my dick on fire
fakin' out the poseurs 'cause i got a bulldozer for the road
man you better listen to the power of rock and roll
slide the mental block away from me
mend a broken heart impatiently
Track Name: Cyclone
did you see the police report?
i had seven knives and seven guns
did you see me on the basketball court?
i was takin' 'em out goin' one on one
life just don't seem to matter
it's a lot of work and a lot of chatter
every day is just another play
your position and precision determines your pay
fist through the window and i'm poppin' in the clip
cut to the bimbo, vibrator's on the clit
loud is the cyclone that's rippin' up the street
unbelievable psycho is licking at your feet

did you call? i forgot to look
i was masturbating in the time it took
for an automaton to activate its schlong
and find another person to get it on
if you give 'em a chance they'll remove the pants
and then you've got a problem, eh
you'll be rockin' and a-rollin' and a-feelin' so fine
'til the robot decides that it's time to die
fist through the window and i'm poppin' in the clip
cut to the bimbo, vibrator's on the clit
loud is the cyclone that's rippin' up the street
unbelievable psycho is licking at your feet
Track Name: About-Face
it's spacious, learn about space
it's gracious, learn about grace
it's face-cious, make an about-face
it's salacious when you're talkin' that jive
it's consecutive, each bee from the hive
it's painful when their stingers pierce your hide, oh no
how would you help yourself, i wonder
how would you want to be a wonderful person, wonderful person
well i can tell you that it's easy to want something that you can never have
spit in the face of society
spit in the face, the face of society
i spit, laugh in the face, face of society
i am an octopus and i choke you with my tentacles
ow ow-ow-ow
it's spacious, oh so spacious, the space that lies between us
oh it's gracious oh so gracious, when you learn how i would like to kill
how do you plan to kill, i'll tell you
i've got an arsenal, it's great
there's lots of guns, and knives, and swords
i've won many a video music award
and that's all i really have to say to you
but i'm not quite done just yet
i've got to spit in the face of society once again
spit in the face of society once again
Track Name: Firestorm
liars are born
came apart today
tires worn
life is a chore
bitch please go away
i don't want you anymore
decency, a peace accord

sign your name on this form
it's obligatory, it's mandatory too
i will find the root of all that which is unkind
and i'll put an end to that too (i can do this for you)
i won't take it anymore
decency, at least ignore
keep your fire under wraps
i don't want to hear this crap

maze of corn
soul stab...it's sore
livingston gourmet
cavern ore
mining the psych ward
kill yourself, ok?
i don't want you anymore
decency, a peace accord
keep your fires under wraps
i don't want to hear this crap

hi, it's been a long time, i missed you so
oh baby won't you come back and stay with me?
oh, you don't want to? oh no.
that sucks really bad, i don't want to hear this crap anymore

still your tongue, and shut your trap
i refuse, i refuse, i refuse to take this crap
this crap
i won't take this crap
i won't take this crap
i'm not going to take your crap
i'm not going to take this crap
i'm not going to take your crap
Track Name: Pull My Butt
i got no time, i got no life, i got no reason to live or die
i got no face, i got no grace, i need to lose a bit of weight
hey baby look into my eyes, i tell no lies
there's one thing you can do for me that can make me feel alright
pull my butt, hey baby i want you to pull my butt
you're drivin' me crazy so pull my butt
hey baby, won't you pull my butt?

i've got no words, i've got no time to rehearse
it's all so plain to see that i should be killed
i've got an addiction
i've got a fact of life that's stranger than fiction
but i know that fiction will keep me safe and warm
hey baby don't you know i can give you something that will
give you something to tell your kids when they get old
and when you get old, and when everyone's old
they can discuss the finer points of the time when you
pulled my butt
Track Name: GMO
my baby's like a GMO, she always tastes good
if you try to take my girlie away, i'll thump you in the head with a big piece of wood
or a 2x4, take your pick, but let's hope it doesn't come to blows
if you stay on my good side and don't offend my pride
i'll let you see how her garden grows

men and women think they know it all, and i'm guilty too sometimes
just do what makes you feel alright, and try not to commit too many crimes

if you take a life, you gotta give one back
but that's not an option yet
when my new model nanobots get loose, we'll have a life with no regret
no regret
we can smoke cigarettes all day, we can drink alcohol all day
and if you crash the car, just get you some bots
and that'll fix you up OK

no arguments, no clash of ideas
let these little buggers allay your fears
and shut your fucking mouth before i blow you away
i'll blow you away
i'll eat more GMO's, and that will make me feel OK
Track Name: Coke Loc
razors, razors, cuttin' up a pile of coke
razors, razors, might sound funny but it ain't no joke
i wanna get so high that i can't see my feet
like a thundercloud passing over your street

tasers, tasers, they're a weapon that can piss me off
shocks me with electricity, its effect is anything but soft
take a stroll with me in the forest at night to a place where i will initiate a fight

and then i'll show you my
lasers, lasers, inexpensive to buy, and fun
cuts through many layers, it's my favorite type of gun
there's no point in continuing down our destiny's road
so i'll pull that popper, and just let the shit unload

coke loc, i'm a coke loc
coke loc, yeah, i'm a coke loc, baby, yeah
Track Name: Melanin
good graces descending, soft arms are embracing
in safe warm memory, archaic amity
so fathomed secretly by ants of industry
foretold by fate blindly, you take control of me
and sink into bliss, i am no one you'll miss
cradled in sighs, and the long kiss goodbye

decipher the coding, our pigment concealing
the truth of our lifeform, inside we're all the same
your chaos resolving, harmless and observing
the moon-face enduring
it's just a point of view
to sink into bliss, i am no one you'll miss
cradled in sighs, and the long kiss goodbye
Track Name: Metal Crate
it's a metal crate, it's somethin' really great
it's just a metal crate, it's somethin' really great
i want you to masturbate
i want you to think about me sometimes
i want you to think about me when you masturbate
and if you are sitting in a metal crate at the time, that's just icing on the cake
Track Name: Die Today
look into my eyes, i've got a big surprise for you
i'm gonna look into my heart, pull out the bad parts, and give 'em to you
and if you don't want them, i'll shove 'em right down your throat anyway
and if you don't do as i say, you're gonna die today
Track Name: Octo-Bomb
article 1, cite the source
particle stream, insert the dreams
forward slight for drawing half-light
sordid strife is fired freely
are you old enough? are you stoned enough? are you bored enough
to give me all your love?
and no i can't sit down and tell you all my thoughts
can't sell you something that can never be bought
i find it hard to speak at length
you never can see where i have been

octagon, dodecahedron
forest-dwelling car-bomber-man
fine displacement, rock my patience
soldier on, my dear, no fear
i see she's here, there's nowhere to run
from the gun, from the gun
i'm trying to have fun, trying to guess i might impress
upon the one who wields the weapon
choose not to fire in this direction
are you old enough? are you stoned enough, baby? are you bored enough
to give me all your love?
and no i can't sit down and tell you all my thoughts
i am gonna try and explain just where you went wrong
i could sell you somethin' that cannot be bought, hey baby
and you're just gonna have to live with that, live with that, yeah
i find it hard to speak at length
you can never see where i have been
Track Name: Talking Points
can't believe i'd lie to you? well believe it, cause it's true
can't believe the world's so cruel? well it's ancient, it's nothin' new
i only want to make you happy, i only want to get along
and if you want to you can have me
if it feels alright, it's not wrong

don't understand the drug's appeal? well that's easy, it's how it makes me feel
think i might not have a soul? it's just smoke-flavored solid gold
i want to bet on a winner, love and death will always win
that's the reason you have children, so we can start the race of life all over again

be the author of your lines, choose 'em wisely and pay in kind
sleep with one or sleep with nine
just be grateful you have time
Track Name: No Bull
rockin' you 'til 2 or 3 (i will be)
when i look at you i know it's meant to be
i can fuck like a bull, pushin' buttons and the butt you pull
unconditional excessive affection springs from the well of my internal being
it might not interest you to know i can do it fast or really slow
no-brainers abound and it's a good thing they are
'cause i'm not that smart
and it's caused some problems for me, you know
but now i've got you in my house and i'm not gonna let you go

no bull, i'm a noble man, but i fuck like bull, don't you understand
no way will i stop it now, before you plant a crop, you've got to plow
no bull, it's not important to think
your mind will imagine wonderful things if you stop it with the picking of nits
and concentrate on the lips, dicks, pussies, and tits

oh my goodness
Track Name: The Scope of My Injuries
Track Name: Where I Go, Demon Go
[improv'd nonsense, britney spears, taco supreme, photocopies, things like that]
Track Name: U-Turn
i never had no one, and i believe that someone could be right for me
and i'm a lazy bum, i'm in a daze of something that drains my will to be
on a day like this i can't help but miss the times you held me close
want to make a u-turn, i want to return, i guess i may suppose
won't you relieve all that i've bore, won't you remove all that i've wore
there's too much guilt for so much time
the cup has spilled, there's no more wine
i really like to whine, but i've just told you that i was done whining
so i guess i can stop whining a lot
what else am i gonna do with my time? i really don't know
Track Name: Toot
wouldn't you like to see just how good it can be?
problems will be solved, as long as i'm involved
you're gonna fall in love, just you believe in me
fit like a latex glove, filling your life with glee

just try it, just do it, just like it, don't screw it
don't mess it up or piss me off
talk talk in a made-up language, no holds barred, no souls scarred
party of the century
party of the century
we're gonna be there you and me
it's gonna be a hoot
and i'll show you how to toot