Road to Glory + Up the Creek

by Brandon Edge

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Running Time: 51:06

This is the 2009 album "Road to Glory" and the 2010 album "Up the Creek" re-sequenced into one for maximum pleasure.

'Homeland Insecurity' was an attempt at The Cure's 'Disintegration' type sound, as a joke cause she wasn't listening to the other song i wrote. pretend sarcasm, alleged irony. what does it all mean? who gives a flying fuck anymore?

the beka saga contains the following songs
Pt. 1: She Smells Like Water [LP: My Abilities Make Me Win]
Pt. 2: 25 Years of Beka [LP: My Abilities Make Me Win]
Pt. 3: Bekabot [LP: Pleasure Seizure]
Pt. 4: Beka (A Full-Fledged Human Being [this album]
Pt. 5: Beka Pt. 5 (Homeland Insecurity) [this album]

cover photo by Leslie the Machine


released January 1, 2010

no one. no one gets any credit.



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: Beka (A Full-Fledged Human Being)
beka is into working out
she's preparing for the revolution
i'm just sittin here drinkin lone star
trying to make a musical contribution
missed out on seeing her last year
cause i was scared of getting caught in the snow
but i wouldn't mind living where she does
if it wasn't in fucking idaho
so here's another song for you
just because you want me to
my weiner can't satisfy
so you're better off with some other guy
you probably wouldn't want me anyway
insert something that rhymes here like linny's gay
that would be me, but i'm not really a homo
though i might consider to someday blow
i appreciate wangs, yes, but prefer the females instead
and if you listen to saint etienne, i will surely give you head
unique perspectives due to being nowhere
oblique objectives for the balanced and fair
beka, you're a full fledged human being this time
beka, when i hear your name it's like bells that chime
it's quite comforting and sublime
so up the plastic mountains climb
send a well hung horse up authority's ass
practice for the role of empress
for when the revolution comes to pass
cold water, screaming kids at 4am, "no school" "no socks" "no no no"
i wish i was three again
where's my morphine
supplant the call of fitness
what do you want from me
i guess it's none of my business
Track Name: Latency Score (by the Seashore)
blood flowing out of my hands on the pitchfork outlet
hey dude what's the plan, an arrangement so fraught with sand
ain't life grand
children ask some burning questions
i'm out the door, i've learned my lesson
finally i'm down for being
i haven't got a clue, so follow me
so glows the face and honors of the vertebrates
constancy is now, so belate the inevitable delay
consent enters the play, in sullen flogs, naked, enrolled and sold
checkitout, some lust in you
reform me into ambience
illusory full happiness
and charge it to the needless eloquence
unabated arc to follow thee
doleful humans are worried, don't worry
Track Name: Racehorse
gaze into my face girl, stop lookin at your shoes
love me one more time girl, you ain't got much to lose
now that you sold me out, you tell me how you got the blues
now that you've closed your mouth, i'm hearing something like the truth
you're my racehorse, you're the main course, i'm gonna chow down
need something to get me through the day
bleed my soul discreetly, now that i've lost my soul completely
won't you give me something i can munch on, baby
i don't speak, always listening to things that make me twitch
smokescreen on the pop scene, the car is in a ditch
so let the people say, and the votes let them be cast
and every day forsake for you i will until my last
it's time to get off your ass
you're my racehorse, my police force
you beat the perps down
hate so strong disintegrates the shame
bleed my soul discreetly, now that i've lost my soul completely
won't you give me something i can suck on baby
Track Name: Total Harmonic Distortion
face down, a face in the crowd
chase out innately sewn emblems of community
days pass, so does the last, peace accord
no fault to be placed on way out to the plague-ridden, wartorn dystopia
total harmonic distortion
one hopes the fall won't break the ground
alien logic, destruction, following the path to glory if you please
Track Name: Black Cherry
i'm a time waster, it's alright to be like me
you gotta wait sometimes, you never know where it's gonna lead
maybe high, maybe low, mystery's fun don't you agree
if you can carry the world on your shoulder's
it's just as easy to set it free
what say you black cherry
is it a little too scary
well i know the feeling too
how can they all be so thoughtless
we've all thought this
but i know you've got the strength to see it through
make a mistake with me
set the list and arrange the sleeve
so much blasphemy can be destroyed if you believe
they're all so beautiful, in the future
Track Name: Back in the Day
back in the day you had wars
back in the day you had whores
back in the day you had beaucoups danger
truth is stranger than fiction, a lot more
tryin to get away, no planes
tryin to get away, no trains
tryin to find a way to exist
malicious scaly reptile go and grab ya by the wrist
i said dinosaurs are comin for you
dinosaurs you know it's true
dinosaurs are gonna make ya life real short
dinosaurs will put you in a world of pain
dinosaurs gonna drive you insane
dinosaurs, you better find a place to hide
if the human race is going to survive
i never wanted to meet you here
i thought we'd be alone, but i thought wrong
i thought you loved me woman, but you knew it all along
you always wanted to be better than i could ever hope to be
like a dinosaur hunts her prey, you hunted me from the very first day
i'm just a piece of meat for you to dismantle
dismantle me, i don't wanna live anymore
i don't really want to live in this world, you fucking whore
Track Name: Mainframe
have you ever been wide open
don't know what exactly you're trying to convey but something real
bought a mainframe down on clearance, now that cupboard's empty
don't you think i'd like to make you feel
you can say everything will be ok someday, but don't hold your breath too long
or you'll oxidate
you can say anything you want to say, play anything you want to play
just don't purposefully stagnate
got fed up with having so much fun
you think it's over when it's only begun
gave you my best, i gave you my word
told you the truth but that's not what you heard
down we go with the avalanche, yeah
i don't wanna go down
and the messengers on the circuits of time
sent out to relay the thoughts of the divine
sometimes he runs over the mountains, to tell you what he finds
sometimes the answers only whisper in the caverns of the mind
Track Name: Raw Sex
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
raw sex, raw sex, raw sex, raw sex
we like it raw, really really raw, really raw
it's raw sex raw sex
it's riggity raw, it's the best
you've seen the rest, now get in tune with the raw raw raw sex
it's fuckin raw, we like it raw
rock and roll rock and roll is here to stay
rock and roll rock and roll like we got it made
we get in your face with that rock and roll
raw sex will help you take control
gonna give it to you raw, like a good guy should
every time i do it raw, you can see SPLINTERS IN MY WOOD
better have a doctor on hand to heal the wounds caused by the raw sex
Track Name: Blood on My Hands
there's blood on my hands, i can't explain how this happened to me
would you look into my eyes and tell me
why do we always have to be involved with things that we can't control
we can't control the flow of time, the essence of lives
they always have a purpose of their own
they make us do unspeakable acts of torture, til it's much too much
i've traveled massive distances to get to you girl
but this blood on my hands remains and i must warn you
that i am a danger to society, yes i am
i am i am i am i am
what the hell's goin on? i'm gettin attacked by somethin!
whoa baby, this is kinda dangerous
whoa yeah yeah
Track Name: Beka Pt. 5 (Homeland Insecurity)
where oh lord is beka
she's not listening to my song
where on earth can she be
what the hell is wrong
i'm drowning in a sea of shame
whatever the cause, it's always the same
i don't care if i die
just let me see your face one last time
i've been down at the bottom of the lake
don't wanna come up, too afraid to face life
they keep turnin me inside out
keep making me doubt myself
why do they do that to me, beka?
if you could only hear my cries
if you could only know the pain in my eyes
it's an atrocity, what have they done to me
i can't believe it, i just can't
can't fathom the micro-organisms
that they grow in their labs
they send em into the world, to attack
me, attack my country
they want us dead, it's just a matter of time
til they take my life
will i ever get to know what it's like
to live
oh no, oh, no, NO!
please god help me
can't breathe
life is slipping away
only one thing that can save me now
listen to that song i wrote for you
Track Name: SM-57 Is the Tool
sm-57 is the tool, don't make me act a motherfuckin fool
listen up to what i'm saying to you, don't listen to fools
make up your own rules, and follow them to a T, don't follow me
when i'm flying in a jet airplane, i get messages going into my brain
and it's really insane
would you like to hear the testament of the prophets
it's coming to me, yeah
i tell you plainly, if you want me to tell you
the consequences of your actions will be surmised
when the angels come down from the skies
and they send the judgment from up on high
and they'll tell you just how you fucked up this time
tell you just how you fucked up last time
tell you just what to do, so hopefully you won't die
sweet darlin', i'd rather you not die
i'd rather you not die
Track Name: Osiris
pit of osiris, bow of orion
they're throwin' you right in, and say that you fall
one look in their eyes and no horizon
they're letting the flies in, you can't win em all
love is out of reach and i know
if you don't practice what you preach it's bound to eat your soul
militaristic, be a statistic, if you don't pay the piper you're gonna get smacked
opera so lively, you still criticize me, you wanna do somethin just give me a call
love is out of reach and i know
if you don't practice what you preach it's bound to eat your soul
far too many people ought to know just how to act
gotta know how to act if you want to survive
gotta know how to act if you want not to die
oh baby don't tell me no lies
i gotta get everything in my sights
alright, alright, oh no
it's hard to live, i can't live
ah come on, give me that shit
give me some drugs, uh huh, and some money too
that's the chord
Track Name: Attack Mode
wait for my signal to employ your assistance
no chance we will outlast
no romance for our storied past
the elements are closing in fast, so get a move on
we've charted the path of destruction to a finite end
we've distracted the enemy to a point where it thinks we're its friend
thinks it's our friend
so align the instruments, lay in the course
belay the insistence but use maximum force
cause sooner or later the repercussions will sink their teeth in, and then we're doomed
so wait for my signal, wait for the code
sleep in the chamber and balance the power load
wait for the reading, what it forebodes
creep in the enclaves and enter attack mode
that got him
Track Name: Hassle Castle
we got it down and now you've gone astray
you've put it down and now you've walked away
and i dont care what you say
its not fair anyway
you don't deserve the effort it would take
you can hate your friends and foes alike
whatever it takes to get you through the night
and thats alright if thats what works
but i wont waste my time on jerks
i wont just give you something you dont need
dont give me a hassle i dont want it
dont sell me your problems, i dont need it
ascerbic example bother me and wont jut walk away
company in lock step out to sea
cavalries in talk show malady
and shame on you if you wont fight
just look around you'll see i'm right
piss off and let the real men fly a kite
dont play in my castle i dont want it
dont lose your marbles i dont need it
debt falls on the lender cant you see that i'm not gonna pay
Track Name: Conquistadork
mention arcane intervention, gone are all they represented
lightbulbs make it difficult to be satisfied
don't mention pent up audit sidetracked
i know there's something wrong if you won't sing that song
it's got to click like a clock that ticks
i know there's nothing wrong and it won't take too long
better make it quick, cause life's a bitch
blackballed, take it take it back yall
chocktaw waitin for the cock gnaw
basin, chug-a-lug and tastin'
masons are in it with the reptilians
altogether strong if you act like king kong
but it's not that smart, you gotta think real hard
not to make you mad but you might wanna get sad
so you can see what you want to be
Track Name: Eyes of the Storm
i look into the eyes of the storm and i try not to die
eyes of the whore and i try not to lie
i believe in you as you come to me and i relieve you of all the misery
that we've endured, all that we are sure we'll never displace
our command of the elements
i'm in control i'm in control, don't you know
that i'll be the one to make you the one to call on
i like to test the limits of machinery
i like to test the limits of society
don't you understand the implications that i perceive in calculations
manifolds will underestimate my potential and my potential is infinite
my detrimental argument isn't the kind that you would normally
resent resent resent
you will obey my authority in this area
obey my authority
obey me, alright alright
i sent for the answers, i search for the answers to life's burnin' questions
and all the important things that you heard about
you heard it all from the horse's mouth
Track Name: Nimble
you're nimble in my world
what are you on today, what do you want to say
you want me to be ignorant, ya want me to turn off
if you want me to be consequential, i'll just lead you on
i know the way to go though it never shows itself
you're nimble forever and ever
you go where you please
my world is all i care about
it's everything, what i experience is what goes in is what comes out
it's everything to me
what are you on today, what do you wanna say
and you want me to be ignorant
and i don't like the thought of willfully obstructing the flow of information into my mind
i don't like that idea
Track Name: The Ravine
rip my body apart and throw it into the ravine
i wanna go down into the ravine
through the light you watch me
through your life you've watched me
rip my body apart and throw it into the ravine
do you know what i mean
rip my body apart, baby
and throw it into the ravine
oh how i want to go down into the ravine
Track Name: Sexified
feelin sexified
you've made your point now i'll make mine
i'm feelin sexified yeah, OH
inebriation, a calculation
feelin sexified, you've made your point
feelin sexified, you've made your point
now i'll make mine