Stardome and Other Bad Cities

by Brandon Edge

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this is the original 2002 tracklist for this, the actual 2002 album called "stardome and other bad cities". not to be confused with the compilation of the same name that also contained some of these songs. after 2002 i didn't make any more actual albums til 2007 with "shitegeist" but of course i rec'd butt tons of songs, so in '08 i went back and made 2 compilations of 01-06 stuff, and another one in 2012. then i decided that that stuff should be organized better [as in more chrono-specific albums], so i decided first to reassess this album. i noticed most of the songs were lacking bass so the idea to add overdubs came to me...and i didn't stop w/ bass. so while i list this as a 2002 album, it's really only just now [9/11/12] become what it is.

list of overdubs:
songs i added bass to: 'an act of congress', 'das tschuly', 'off the wall' [aka 'same to you'], 'the scarlet letter', 'pulsify', 'radio is my only friend', 'malia', 'stardome and other bad cities' [aka 'hourglass'. stardome... was the original title], 'distance', 'maniacal stratosphere of pain', 'moons of saturn', 'clovis died' [this is the prev. unreleased 2nd version from 02]

songs i added guitar to: 'chases the sky' [rhythm from 1:29 on, and the little lead before the 1st verse], 'bog poppa'

songs i added vocals to: 'off the wall' [all the vocals except the pissed off one in the center which is singing different [the 'same to you'] lyrics. the overdubs contain mostly the original lyrics from around 1994], 'stardome and other bad cities' [the harmony vocals on the sides, the final chorus and the simultaneous 'fearless pilgrim' part...for some reason when i did this in 2001 i just never had any vocals in this part and there really needed to be some]

"song for judas" makes its first album appearance here, and really cause there's nowhere else it's ever gonna fit.

thanks to all the ppl whose usernames/names i stole for song titles [chases the sky, das tschuly, feather of lead, malia, thru the eyes of lauren, clovis died, judas]


released March 15, 2002



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

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Track Name: Something for the Cover
what's in mind? anything that hurt him
saturday sun, gotta get up early
satisfaction, little somethin' somethin'
sweat is beadin' up, adrenaline is pumpin'
but when i know i'm so pitiful i've got nothin' to say
when i don't release the cannonball, i start to feel like
i should've been in your state, i should've been in your wave
i should've been your slave
listen i don't wanna listen i don't wanna listen to me
listen i don't wanna listen i don't wanna listen to it all
sunday looks way too blurry
said i'll get it done, ain't no need to hurry
before we set the stage, i need a real good lover
let's go with motorbikes, somethin' for the cover
but when i know, my sense is set in stone
i got somethin' so pure to say
when i don't release the chemicals
i fail to please myself
i want to be in your race, i want to run at your pace
i want to be in your space
listen i don't wanna listen i don't wanna listen to me
listen i don't wanna listen i don't wanna listen to it all
Track Name: Stardome and Other Bad Cities
you could never have loved me even if i had said all you'd ever wanted to hear
i sit in this chair, no i don't even care
wait for the girl to walk down the hall
she walks up into the light
i see that her purse straps are attached with postal tape
i'm not wanted so i run to the window, climb out and hurry down the fire escape
[parallel: wait for the girl to walk through the wall
she walks in and hugs the air
all cryptic and inviting as she beckons us into her room
my pulse speeds up anticipating all the existential love and superficial things that we do]

drive uptown for your privileges
take your gifts for your servants now
taste your fears and we'll love you until we can't move
the darkest of hours are with you

it's a life full of choices
potential for protection and a love without conformity
but you have to know when and just how to apply
the rules and regulations clutter up your mind
it's strange to be seen and heard
after living for years in effect as a ghost
elitism's dead or so it says
i'd rather be a humble good old fashioned son of a bitch

drive uptown for your privileges
take your gifts for your servants now
taste our fears and we'll love you until we can't move
we'll soon
trade your soul for appearances, i know you're not worth my effort now
tame my wit and acknowledge this simple truth
the darkest of hours are with you

fearless pilgrim start the light speed engine
check life support and our defenses
catastrophic aherences / cause i belong to you
allegiance to the unstable cross / our love will seed the coming storm
that channels all its ablative acerbic shame / our new stardom paves the way
through you / we don't care if it's right or wrong
i can't wait to destroy this place / virtue's not a prize to win
rejoice as it disintegrates / it's a light we shine as one
fiery death is a good idea yeah / can't lose sight of what's important here
and that is love