Uses Cookies

by Brandon Edge

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released June 12, 2004



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: Mudslide
move on, together, move along
move on, together, move along
you've got to make it on your own
i know you wish you could go home
we're further inside than anyone thought we could be
you're scared, well that's fine
more power for us, yeah
our cause, your reason is your might
your love will help you win the fight
as now as when it all began
this sphere will be your new homeland
we're further inside than anyone thought we could be
you're scared, well that's fine
more power for us, yeah
we're gonna live a long long time
and make the ones who love us shine
we'll be the ones to turn this world around
Track Name: The Lotus Blue
you face all, to raise all, against all
down in the summer, lost in autumn's hall of respite and all dishonest
hallowed and offered a part in a play
when all we had begun to feel a wind that blew
the lotus blue
i will catch you falling up
home is not a heartbeat of stone
i will let you store it up
hope, grace and love
half-bent safety, come retrace me, my perdition with permission
show thy distant apparition, build my prison with precision
i've grown lazy, oh so crazy, flags are raising, candles blazing
and i ponder while i wander, all the light that catapults my mind!!
miiiiind miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
you face all
down in the summer, lost in autumn's hall of respite and all dishonest
hallowed and offered a part in a play
when all we had begun to feel a wind that blew
the lotus blue
Track Name: Trendency Agenda
squeaky sex, sexy freaks
billy corgan sometime next week
circular back rooms, techno sounds
everybody's aware of the stellar fucking crowns
with marcie and the intercom i spend my nights
marcie and her interim solution slips between your thighs
and it's hard to put up a fight when you're unconscious
a simplified trendency contingency
escaping from the vessels of the loom
Track Name: Heather #2
[the title is such as it is cause at one point i'd renamed the song "have you been to heaven" [1995] as "heather", for the street i'd lived on in mesa, az from 1989-1999 [heather dr.]. i later changed that song back to its original title but i've left this one as #2's a sort of sequel to 'heaven', though i'm not sure how/why. heather #3 [2005] was named for an actual person named heather [username: Dead Ruby], and 'little raven' [2005] was originally called heather #4 [i guess cause it mentions phoenix] but then i changed it to 'little raven', which is what brandon means in gaelic, or something. we'll just say the girl in 'heather #2' is sarah, then. might as well.]

"so what's up?", words that you speak
i can't write but you can't read
down on the street it's a fine wild evening tonight
we're gonna rock it til we can't speak
i pull the reins and fall back out of sight, alright
i can't feel what you're thinking
and so what if i can't sing
your conversational confrontation i'll politely decline
i know somebody who's finally gonna be mine
all mine, that's right, uh huh
Track Name: Midnight Aria
no lyrics. this is amy song #1. midnight aria was her username. yeah i know an aria is spose to have like, singing.
Track Name: God Save the DJ
[amy song #2]
amy's got the acetate, she taught me how to masturbate
my role has been to educate [yeah, right]
i've been resolved into my certain fate
to use all the light and interpret all the signs
so get on the bus and let your laser love light shine
they're gathering a mob tonight
[she had a voice, sweetest that i'll ever know]
they're meeting underneath streetlights
[i had no choice but to tell her that i love her so]
there's gonna be a monumentous fight
[i'm unemployed but i never let it get to me]
i know the side i picked is right
[i've got to fight to destroy my mortal enemies]
the light left the lamps and fell onto the ground
morrissey's faithful collapsing with the gunshot sounds
and now i own this town
hitting the stage, now we're on the same page
we're gonna be fuckin' stars
now you've gotta dance, gonna get you so hot
you know i've never been this far
flyers went out to hipsters scattered about
a happening concert at the best place around
but some stupid english gay icon with a flare gun
burned the place to the ground
amy is all that matters
you can trust in me to get fatter
gonna make amends, gonna kill my friends
and die like the character actor
and trace around the corners of my upstaged life
before i cut it out
god save the dj
Track Name: Silver Fox
and so janelle wanted to be free
of the catacombs of ambiguity
the false intonation of common speech
the measured solace of separate degrees
i know i'm not allowed below
the surface that i felt bestow
the embalmed exaggeration of indignity unto me
when the silver fox is hounded endlessly
volumes of good time are confiscated
when beauty is fashioned as an industry
the value of a life is depreciated
Track Name: The Deliberation Army
she the sea and side street you listen bout us here
bandit scenes, turn on your radio
i listen, this drone, it isn't for guests, sir
and you'll drive at the reason you can really start anything
and i came in tune burning 'it isn't right'
dreaming, pour into this evening, right here
you surrender, i wanna live in the city you call your home
you know a lot of evil ones
it gets too high, well it's your fault
and i didn't get simply what is it, it ends around the right
and i hold you or is it the break
you are so resolute in your oneness with ending
it's not the end
Track Name: My Little Starship
consolidate my halo
facilitate the forming surface
fall right here
only if you let me drop the weight so heavy
tell me what it is so we can try
tell me what it is so we can fly
like an owl that watches over
all the town's grey hats and shoulders
love to say your goodbyes
pick it up, shake it up, knock it down
fall right here
Track Name: Uses Cookies
sail on through, though i am a piece of you
my spirit convulsing, i'm way too happy for what i do
a noble occupation, a streetlight admiration
mellifluously lucent, conducted inside
in which to confide, portended as obliged
blighted to the incandescence of night
hope is a pride, forever, like every single day
i'm an ant in amber
the laughter and the stares
forgive me for my candor
for nobody really cares
bury me alive in a tomb of his eyes
for now i've had enough of life
be on top today, gotta get away besides
i like what i do, but it's nothing like you
please don't take me please don't break me
now i can't face it
i was listening to the humming wires
again deserted healing round the porch step
read the words erased each time
i look they change, change their minds
to orbit so sensibly on blasted out fluffy clouds of awareness
but i believe i can make the time
so come on, baby
Track Name: Movement
the strangest feelings to the street
out of hand and out of reach
second chances blown away
like the fences that stand in my way
here i am, alone, trying to make some sense
too bad i never learned how to do that anyway
like it mattered in the first place
so what, it's not like you would've listened anyway
too long i listened, my will sunk
the truth is so false
shiny metallic replicas of my life adorn the halls
trees fall
climbing up the staircase
do you want to burn every movement
Track Name: Hazel Bazemore
test an old answer phone, whack-a-mole where'd you go
i never sleep for more than 5 hours
mysterious, a symphony
chase in a misty orange grove at midnight
and i haven't held your hand in a fortnight
whatever may become of me well it's alright
troubadour number 4, wait your turn or else you burn
caught in the maze you blaze at full power
light up and rock the night away
chasing the lovely outlines it feels right
we lay in the misty orange grove at midnight
the kids learn to read while i'm making headlines
lovers to be, home on the sea, up in a tree
watch us now, climbing down
down in the leaves are the archers of night
gallantly staving off the goblins
watch out for falling rocks
storm front ahead in the distance
true belonging, the dream of the rain
truth will become a resistance to the sane
proud is the song that you wrote
we're filled with need, do not desert it
temperature, watch it fall
desolate, visceral
trapped in the game, you nab the old coward
priscilla aims and lights the way
there's no war in the day
to run home, it's too late
we're chasing the hordes in laughter and sunshine
we sleep in the misty orange groves at midnight
our trust in hazel bazemore to lead us on [could be 'home' , idk]
Track Name: Capital W
toll upon the solemn heart
lowly heard in brittle art
early vend, read til the end
amulet, i'll handle it
status poll, i already know
forward roll the emulated
are my loved ones still around
no, they're all dead, you should've waited
Track Name: Don't Ask Why
i talked to god just the other day
through a hole in the sky
one thing i remember is don't ask why
Track Name: Expect Delay
did you think i could get up
ceiling bearing down and all
i took a drink from your poison cup
it drew me in for a fall
drowning in this hatred
deep at the bottom of this sea
the sea that is beneath your face
invisible to your needs
now serving #51 for exceptions to the rule of misconception
is the fire from the furnace of insanity
the flames burn, the smoke billows, i can't breathe
there's no way to be sure
as i'm staring down
confused, deluded, and impure
wasting away in a lonely town
gotta try to find a way
to leave them all and be your own boss
cause you're crucified and enslaved
for everyone who crossed
now serving #51 for exceptions to the rule of misconception
is the fire from the furnace of insanity
the flames burn, the smoke billows, i can't breathe
know what i'm sayin'?
Track Name: Protus
works for those whose seeds are left to sow
taught to listen, to reach up out of this space
run, trite with eternity, i'm not a god
saw you faced with inanity as a silent apple falls
built in love, not ready to leave it completely
time is such a downer, baby, hardened like a rock
songstress, sing in a deadened key, almighty song
hapless, perception's wannabe beams in droning aplomb
turn around, turn it off, leave it alone
eyesight (he is a lie), hindsight (leave him behind)
____ [i can't remember what this word is] what would it take us to befall the fall
tyrants see what they wanna see and prove it all
suck fuck suck fuck suck fuck suck fuck
fucking suck, my, cock!
Track Name: Shoes
never is a better time to say
never is a better time today
take it as it comes, make it good
i fear when you call, cause i can bleed anyone
i say what i have done is what i needed to do
fuck you
don't place your judgments on me, you would've done the same thing in my shoes
try on my fuckin' shoes, see how you do
take it on!
Track Name: Laurel Mtn.
they brought him down to see the saturday races
enough to make you see it any way you will
employee parking in the underground, silent
walk into darkened closets leading you to me
laurel of shame, come attack me, i feel no pain
laurel of truth, now on my side, you've got no proof
for that which you believe/perceive
i woke her up, i sent this not to help but it's the only way
i can respond to things i hear, it's more than i can understand
because it's been this way since i could think and
i could think before i opened up my eyes to see
there's you and me and everything i could ever design
but i left it far behind
i'm a servant to your shrine, raising up your light divine
i'm an entry level god, i can make your dreams come true
but i'm only just a word, purpose known throughout the world
for that it could show you more than it could see
and i was a fool to think you wanted me
it isn't the only relevant distrust but it's the most apparent side of us
to think a day, a length of time
obliterate your fuckin' mind
appears the size enough to pay
malaise you can fold it up, ok
hands are strong, happens all the time, rehearse the time you need
until it's sold, railroad's all mine
Track Name: Let Them Do What They Want
buying peace in our bliss
hard to do without this
introspection heartens me alight
let them do what they want
i don't think that i'll miss
boredom draining listless
intuition lends itself to might
let them do what they want
cup of revelation filled across the nation
have a drink and love yourself tonigh.....t
Track Name: Running Mate
i would like to buy you, i would like to fly you
no more indecision please
no more as always
i knew not to follow them but i did know that i would eventually give in
eventually give in eventually give in!
that was a fucked up thing to do, i shouldn't have done that, no
everything's going downhill, everything is slipping out of my hands
i'd like to do what i want to do, but nothing is going as according to plan
needed a running mate, so i delayed the punchline circuit board forever and a day
clock ticking up up and away
sincerity drain the apathy from my veins
it's not as fairytale as it sounds
my one true love, architecture is, really good
you're a very good architect
if only i could suck a big fat donkey dick
it's time to get, sexy, it's time to get sexy
i am so fucking sexy, look at me strut my stuff
i make half of hollywood look like a bunch of ugly mutts
that's right, i am referring to canines, as in dogs
i'm wasting all your time, betraying my own trust
giving in to superficial lust, baby baby
improvisation makes you whine
masturbation makes you mine
c'mon, get funky now, gonna break it down
check it out i can really play, i forgot to hit the cymbal
[something unintelligible]
Track Name: Listen to the ZOMB Radio, You Twat
[the zomb was/is a zwan/smashing pumpkins messageboard, later a torrent site. sometimes the admin dave would do streaming radio stuff..]

zomb radio, full effect yall
yall want to know, zomb radio
listen to the zomb radio, you twat
listen to the zomb radio, you twat
camel spider's gonna come and kill you in your cot
if you don't listen to the zomb radio, you twat
the zombie radio is not for hoes
when the wind blows, i take off my clothes [motherfucker]
fly in the sky, get high is what i do
if you're not too careful, i'll do you too
a sacreligion accident, meant to be
gather up the sex toys and follow me
gonna make a state, that's right a new state of mind
we'll end disgraceful conflicts of mankind
so listen to the radio, man
[get down off your high horse, ah that's phat baby baby]
Track Name: Looney Lies
they say that life's not really fair
i don't think i really care
the liberty i hold so dear
is precisely what you people fear
it's a tidal wave of looney lies
whiny folks that know 4 chords
really make me fuckin' bored
indentured slaves of babylon
but you can't write a fuckin' song
it's a tidal wave of looney lies
take your looney lies and leave this place
i don't need your looney lies and i hate to look at your face
i don't like your looney lies
it's really crappy when i have to lie to preserve the sanctity of your
looney lies
Track Name: Teresa
hey teresa are you listenin'
the fire in the streets glistenin'
your eyes are greener than the lights
no one loves you more than i
your fallen star has been recovered
your eyes are shinin' like no other
and everyone who left us down is dead
the hours implant our tuition
if our profession leads to wishin'
would you help me witness affluentia
and pacify my soul dementia
your fallen star has been recovered
the craft above the streets still hover
and everyone who left us down is dead
can you feel the life inside us
can you comprehend your flight
can you overthrow your conscience
can you make the wrong seem right
Track Name: Wet Mop Clean-up on the Distressed Artichoke Aisle
death by electrocution
i'm not gonna make a contribution
i'm david and goliath
i never underestimate the power of a lie too loud
dressed up enough to fool you
is that gonna be enough to move you
wrapped up and sealed approval
and wait for the dark to spark removal
i'm helpless on this island
wither or withstand the violence
i can never shut my mouth
had to make a lion from a voice that shivers
and i have to say i like the sound
Track Name: Market Leader in Packaged Solutions
not gonna crawl on my knees for you
your majesty, but i'm majestic too
not gonna read into what you say
it's too loud anyway
what what what you want
what would you hold
i have built this house to have a place to hide
they say i must come out from the emptiness inside
in this world of hypocrisy, you've got to do all you can
you gotta do something special to prove that you're a man
Track Name: Damn You Mark and You Leona's Talk
hi, how's it goin'? me, i'm doin' just fine
mind clears, factory lights dim, i lead you in
partly amicable in spite, hardly acrobatic tonight
and talking isn't everything, traps laid for you if you speak
head feels heavy, kneeeeees get weak
the emblem of dishonesty shines incandescently
up the stairs glides herbert jr.
and the ghosts will occupy your haunted attics
until you deny my life
fitfully approved, disregardless of mythologically awkward poses
you press your lips to the receiver, pretend you now have a reason to believe her
your ships have sunk many times, but i'm smiling for you
damn you mark and you leona's talk
ghosts should never write, except in chalk
[i'm burning]
it's time to go to heaven
i don't want to be alone when we cross the bridge
because it's really dark
the lights are unusual, i feel lightheaded and sublime
blighted to the incandescence of night, the instability...
Track Name: One Decision
it comes down to one decision, i believe in one decision
won't you moan with me [take me to the store]
won't you sing with me
won't you caress my body [take me away from this place]
yes to be alone with you
really want to touch that body tonight, really want to touch your pussy tonight
i'll make it very clear what i want to do, i want to whisper sweet nothings in your ear too!
that's what i want to do, i want to be really really in tune
with everything that comes along with fame, and love
and all the sparks that must fly when fireworks go off
in the night sky, i believe in god, i believe in the holy spirit too
but so fucking what if i can't make love to you
please baby girl i'm beggin ya, i'm gettin on my knees [insert the dildo]
i wanna lick your motherfuckin pussy
don't make me have a nervous breakdown please
i just can't live without the pussy
i just love the smell, i love to stick the tongue in the pussy
that's what i want to do most often in my life
lick pussy all day and all night
i would sing a song about it, but i don't know how to write
i could be president of the united states, but i'm not fuckin stupid enough
i could write messages on the pavement, but i don't have any chalk
i need to go to the store and get some cock
i want to go to iraq and chop off saddam hussein's dick
and then i'm gonna put it on a stick and march around baghdad naked
with saddam hussein's dick on a stick
then we're gonna go into a church, we're gonna burn some incense
bow down like muslims and pray to the holy father that our lives will become greater through the good things that can happen when people get their heads out of the sand and start doing something about their lives
i've gotta get something worthwhile out of all my conversations in daily life.
Track Name: Test-Singing
paralyzed in distant eyes, it's carving out my brain
penitence so far away, look on and you'll see pain
you disarm me and i love you so, test-singing soul
care enough? it's there for us, take it if you can
fair enough, but it's a shock, from here it's just a dream
you console me and i love you so, test-singing soul
feel the outlet of a light through a hole, i'm letting you go
where did you go
where, where did you run
fuck, me, now where did you run
tear it out, tear it out, tear it out
Track Name: Boredom Is Nigh
boredom is nigh, look into my eyes, tell me what you want for me
ever to be here, nothing left to fear, high and mighty trials
to make me your trouble
i would find it all the way i want
to make everything whole
Track Name: A Gay Song About Hetero Sex
i'm gonna tell you what we're gonna do
i'm gonna fuck you til you're black and blue
with papers flying all across the room
office in disarray, va va va voom
meet you on floor 13, 6 on the dot
pull down your skirt, and lick your pink spot
trash the place, til it appears suited for our deeds
then proceed to fulfill all of your sexual needs
wanna get it on, i'm comin on strong
breathin real hard and i'm rollin around
losing my perspective, with only one objective
i'm gonna make you cum
cream cream cream yeah you know what i mean
filling up the sky in the light of my dreams
postulated bliss and a fluid connection
an aromatic snatch enveloping my erection
building up a friction slowly taking my time
the fabric of indignity is starting to unwind
portended as obliged, the existential ecstasy
fulfilled fulfilled fulfilled, i'm free
get ready to cum get ready to cum get ready to cum...