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by Brandon Edge

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a bunch of 4-track recordings from 96/97. recorded at my dad's house in mesa, az on his 4-track, as it is with most of the 90s stuff you'll see on here.


released January 1, 1997



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: Rickety Rickets
bow to me
get on your knees and beg for forgiveness
yeah yeah
do you know who the fuck you're dealin with
stop fuckin with me
stop fuckin with me and maybe i'll let you live
stop fuckin with me and maybe i won't cut off your head
do you know who you're fuckin with, i don't think you do
cause if you did you probably wouldn't do
this shit to me as i'm standin right here
the message that i'm sendin comin in clear
you fucka, one too many motherfuckin times
i take some drywall and i stick it right up that asshole
i take a four track and slam yo ass down flat
you know who you're fuckin with
don't be pullin your mack fool
there ain't nowhere to run
you shitkicker! you're just a motherfuckin shitkicker aren't you!?
don't fuck with me you stupid ass fuckwad
stupid fuckwipe, i'll wipe the floor with you
fuckwipe, fuckhead, merciless fuckface
fuckety fuck
fuck you little fuckers
Track Name: Flinty Rock
[lyrics in []'s from "fences" by tom edge, w/ slight changes by me,
i.e. the profanity]

i am not amused
i'm way too old for this sort of thing
i lost my flair for that years ago
you couldn't possibly understand how you destroyed my flow
you're the man in my nightmares
you're the tumor in my head
you're the thorn in my tender foot
i wish to god you were dead
you couldn't possibly understand cause you've suddenly stolen all my hope
i just can't believe in you, and I AM NOT AMUSED
i used to be so controlled
i used to be so destroyed
i used to be so in love
but now i weep at the thought of ever seeing you again
i suck the oil from the flinty rock
i suck a lemon in spite of you
oh say can you see, by the dawn's early light
what so proudly we fucked til the twilight's last gleaming
whose broad stripes and bright flinty rocks
whom we sucked that oil from the flinty rock
fuck america, fuck everyone
you fucked up my life

[no time to worry about my next meal
or whether i'm in style
no time to feel a shame i do not own
it robs my body of its smile
these fences around my soul are rusty daggers from days of old
these fences wreck my mind, i wanna fuck em up and shine
these fences round our souls are selfish daggers from days of old
these fences wreck my mind, i wanna fuck em up and shine
no time for sleepin my days away, that's just like holdin a grudge
no time to look too closely at ourselves, just let us
give to another love with love
these fences standing in our way STONEWALL
some things can ... right to our backs and never give us rest
they're makin me bite a bite and scratch
hey we can never give our best
they're tellin us to bite and scratch and put our love to the test
when we hold up to the word of truth we shine like stars above
let us not make a secret of the good news
let us share his love with love]

song poetry dance art painting boring
and want another helping want another
you fucked up my life
i'd like you to go out and lick the oil from the flinty rock
...rusty cement as i plummet your head into a burning sea of death
and i go riding on my motorcycle
Track Name: Voice of the Children
he put on a latex and tried to have sex with me
i had a stupid ass teacher on my case
all up in my face with a can of mace
a steady pace as i run in place
tryin to get away, ain't no chance of that
he tied me to the wall and confisgate my gat
he laid my ass flat on a doormat
filleted my guts and fed em to his cat
i'm tellin you this story from beyond the grave
for to illustrate the hate that makes us all the slave
fuck racial oppression it's a social class issue
away they wipe our pride with a tissue
or a rag that's been dipped in alcohol
put us in unconscious state possibly to rape
before they tape over our mouths shut again
let us speak up loud with the voice of the children
as i walked in late for class the teacher grabbed my ass
i don't know why but i had to ask
he said he'd like my ass in a spandex
he put on a latex and tried to have sex with me
right in front of the class, made me a little nervous
being raped by a teacher is atrocious
i was raped by a teacher
then i was raped by a preacher
they threw me into a bathroom stall
and said to suck their dicks or i would get expelled
let us fight the oppression and cut off their erections
sex abuse in the school system it's an infection
let's make em give us more respect
and stop tryin to have sex
sex is for the home life, not for at school
and anyone who don't know it is a dumbass fool
they're so cruel when they rape
i can't escape from the rape
let us speak up loud with the voice of the children
Track Name: Intimidation
i'm only doing this to piss you off
broken mind broken body in a violent scoff
your faulty temper and your pent up rage
will only make it easier to drive you insane
i'm talking out of line and i know i'm out of time
a municipal fine won't phase me
i'm gettin what i need when i make you feel the heat
i'll never let the bastards shame me
intimidation is my only form of pride
a superficial front to shield the pain that i hide
make a crack about your mother maybe say that you're gay
i won't let up i won't let you walk away...
[my screams suck today!]
my life's a living hell and now i'm scratching my head
my life's a living hell and now i'm screwed in the head
you make me feel like crap until i wish i was dead
Track Name: Fucked in the Grass
fuck me, and there will be no consequences
i'll leave you fucked in the grass
the reasons we live today, they don't make much sense
the reason we live today is to fuck everything we see
so fuck me, and there will be no consequences
oh yeah
i'll leave you fucked in the grass
consequences? i don't think so!
why don't you fuck me while you still have the chance
you better listen to me
i'll fuck you, i'll leave you fucked in the grass you fuckin dipshit!
Track Name: Algebra Teacher Down
here's an equation for you to work out
boredom and frustration equals doubt
equals the shit that i go through
equals the hate that i have for you
don't ask me again, i'll pull out my gun
blastin 20 rounds into your face is only half the fun
i won't have to hear your shit
i won't have to work your problems
i won't have to feel like shit
i won't have to fear your problems, yeah
if you tell me it's ok when it's not ok
then i have to say you've been sniffin propane
think what i'm sayin is a little profane
they should fire you today you're fuckin on cocaine
i was sittin in class just the other day
when the lame assfuck made me tell him my name
i said screw off pervert you'll never know
one thing about me, go get it on with your HOOOOOO
Track Name: Apathetic Apology
the only part of succeed that i hear is suck
i tell you to your face i don't give a fuck
i don't give a fuck about the nerds of the computer
just like junkies, you're all just users
i imaginate to create my existence
shattering chords they breathe life to my bliss
i will live how i say every day
cause i don't give a fuck about what you say
you can say apathy is a part of me
and you can shout in my face and say that i'm nothing
but i don't care enough for you to make me hate myself
cause i know how to live in heaven when everybody gives me hell
the only path that i see has been blocked off
so i just sit in my room and jack off
i won't try to plead with your morals and beliefs
and i won't even trip on the static that you heave
i won't even care if i have sex
it's more complicated when my bitch is perplexed
this pattern of bullshit is turning into a hex
men with big pecs and veins bulgin out their necks!
Track Name: Lick My Booty
you get the idea..
Track Name: God's Grace Is Free
[a reworking of a tom edge song, lyrics in []'s are brandon's]

i see now how you loved, am i bled through this thick skin
and i'm bull ragin, blood ragin
and the thought your love is soft and able
my eyes are true, your eyes are true
and i can't believe how i could be so screwed]

god's grace is free to you and me
christ paid the price, he paid the price my friend on calvary
took a strong drink from my hand
pulled me out of the sinkin sand
put my feet on solid land
man it's hard to understand but god's grace is free

[yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
draining your state of mind, desperately seeking the one that you can find
to get away out of the lie and into the light
the glamour of the unforgiving spotlight
but i know how it is in this hole
scrapin for respect when there's nothin left in the bowl
you bitch about your problems and hope somebody cares
you shove the man in front of you so everybody stares
but i've found a way out, salvation with no pride
it's through the love and blood of JESUS CHRIST
Track Name: Fuckmuffin (F. Seth Wilson)
masturbate, masturbate [metallica...mom!!!]
people in the house say hello [people in the house!]
everybody in the house say fuck off [fuck!]
fuck off [fuck!]
fuck your [FUCK YOURSELF!!]
fuck your cat [CAT!]
fuck your [CAT!!!]
fuck your caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
[say somethin wig?]
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
i'm starin at the wall, i pick some hairy dingleberries
off my bunghole, ah hahahahaha
you will now lick them off my fingernails you stupid fuckmuffin
Track Name: Fatality
you asked for it too late
so innocent aren't you
i guess i'm in the hole again
listen, and mark it down
kill them all!
Track Name: Innocent
how the fuck you think you understand me
livin in your luxuries
there's no bridge between the two voids of segregated liberty
second best and coughin up the garbage you shove down my throat
just one day's filled with pain that in a lifetime you will never know
you're so brilliant aren't you, count the stars in your mind
you're so beautiful aren't you, i can count the sparkles in your eyes!
you're so innocent aren't you, you'd never hurt a fly
you're so innocent aren't you, but now you're gonna have to die!
what kind of bullshit do you expect me to believe
is this your paradise you think you have conceived
i'm such a sinner and i'm so depraved
but never will i let you make me one among your slaves
you've fucked me one too many times
do you realise the hatred you've instilled in this young mind
there's no escape from the hole in which i am thrown
people's lives are travesties of hell as you sit on your throne
Track Name: Pipes
beginning of the end is beginning to take place
my hell is building up its hate
been knocked sideways, can't fly straight
and you've grown tired of me asking you to wait
blow your pipes again and lull me to sleep
stop the hateful end so there will be peace
heaven take form, drive out evil men
17 to 1 won't crush me in the end
fade, fadin out in the heat
ready for failure, ready for defeat
ready to stay, ready to lie
ready to pay, ready to die
go to sleep and hope you don't wake up dead!
Track Name: Equila
equila, are you listenin
the fire in the trees is glistenin
your eyes are bluer than the sky
no one loves you more than i
your fallin star has been recovered
your heart is shinin like no other's
everyone who left us down is dead
can you see the light behind us
can you comprehend your flight
can you overthrow your conscience
can you make the wrong seem right
Track Name: Affirmation
[bad green day rip...idk...words...yapyap]
Track Name: Yes
i'm on my way up, passing birds and planes
moving past the clouds, the rain gives me a drink
the sun keeps on shining
and i love you, you make me feel like flying
and i could go a million miles with just one kiss
on my way up, i'm passing everything
all that lives and breathes, i am the highest being
your eyes keep on shining
i love you, you make me wanna cry
and i would love you forever if you just said yes
ah yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes
just said yes, that's all it takes
just one little word, and that's all
trust me, i'm not lying to you
Track Name: Headlights
radio sailor don't live for today
she struck indecision, a difference is swayed
to live, to cross the headlights
and to all of the cities that i know you've strayed
i walked in through eyelid, chaotic array
oh to cross the dead sky
see it all too far to fall
my head is unsure like never before
lies that we hide, the light is double wide [?]
to break through these chains, reach out to the light
Track Name: Vultures
all you stupid assholes, you think you got the right
to change my daily plans to where i can't even sleep at night
well i got some news for you, it's not something you're gonna like
i've had it up to here, i'm gonna blast you down tonight
you betta watch ya back, i'm comin' at you full force
you better pack your things and head for the hills
and get the hell out of my life for good
you ugly vultures, you're always tryin to get in my face
saw you ugly vultures flyin at my head
you're waiting for the moment to strike me down dead
well it just ain't gonna happen cause i happen to have my deuce-deuce!
cause i happen to have my deuce-deuce!
i'm gonna cap you in the ass and leave you dead in the grass
and i'm not gonna take that crap
i'm comin at you full force with my gat
get the hell out of my face, RAOURRR
gonna stab you with my switchblade you won't complain
you're gonna fix my keyboard with a chance to kill you
you're gonna fix my car, mow my lawn, wash my dog
you stupid bastards
Track Name: Monday, 4:30 AM
monday morning, feel like shooting somebody
got everybody JOSTLING round the house
even mousey tongue wont make me laugh
have-a-pie has lost its luster
i'm attempting to muster all my mind, clothes and strength
try to reason with all their complaints
my mind is filled with questions
sometimes i just don't know what's being said
and i have to take it slow
i've been rusting away, my life sucks really bad
these lyrics will prove it
i'm not the kind of person with whom you can play mind games
i catch on fast to that sort of thing
let me sleep you fucks, stupid MOTHERFUCKERS
Track Name: Space Alien
sometimes my ass just hurts
you got a problem with that you stupid FUCKHOLE
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
oh no, you're a motherfuckin space alien!
i wouldn't fuck you in a million years you stupid fuck