A Mouse in the Land of Nog

by Brandon Edge

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Running Time: 1:22:15

A concept album I did in spring of 2000 about a giant frog that takes over the world, and the various people and creatures who must fight to destroy this evil force. I've filled in some of the story-line in the "lyrics" so make sure you read that, elsewise you won't know what the hell is going on!


released May 12, 2000



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: A Mouse in the Land of Nog
[An abnormally considerate and thoughtful human named Mouse awakes in his underground home...]
Track Name: The Field
[Mouse strolls about the familiar, oblivious to current events...there is a feeling of some impending consequence...what is it that awaits beyond the safe surroundings..]
Track Name: Enter: the Despot
[A powerful force appears, fronted by legions of once dormant Bolenas, the giant frog takes control. All who stand in the way are destroyed or enslaved. A cult forms around Nog, its followers unaware that they are controlled by thought-influencing devices known as Boxes, kept in a secure location unknown to all but the most formidable telepaths. The Box quickly and silently takes control over the warrior classes whose strength is in their physique, leaving the resistance primarily up to weaker humans and other highly evolved creatures such as the 4 winged, dragonfly-like humanoid Sels, one of the results of 22nd century genetic engineering]

first we need to destroy all the nuclear weapons - then we need to make sure all cars have electric/gasoline hybrid engines - then we need to begin recycling everything we use in our daily lives - and then, then, Nog will come - - he walks forward not testing the ground but the limits of his mind - mistakes blown past catatonically serve your self sacrifice - serendipitous slug stomp - no palette from which to work, he is blind - but for his mind is a 10in. razorblade - slave killer fares well against his enemies - when fallacy leads to a crevice in the escape route kneeling down to crawl between the rocks - his legs buckle under the loveless seclusion, heart sinking into the mud - rendering him helpless to the insects that thrive in the cave - he brought what really mattered to fight them: the light - now emanating from his knapsack told him the crystal was active - able to squeeze the breath from the antennae of his attackers - releasing with the pain of 1000 years gathering, crystal kills bugs instantly and he is off on his way once again once again - once my talent rears its ugly head in a direction suitable for distraction - i know my patience will be a-tested, rape rape rape the lovely sky with the nails sideswipe the clouds - not far enough to stop the rain from its ruin - lords take up the mud - don't mind being the victims of careless metal mobiles - for what their ancestors called honor - it is boredom that now drives them to their death - up from the depths comes Nog - lashing out for a meal, tongue sticking to the flying Sels - useless is the talent of their flight to overcome their impending doom - then up comes the largest Bolena yet capable of growing in the pull of sphere gravity - daggers easily unleashed slam into unwilling flesh - gross degeneration of swamp life corrodes the old trees - graves are no longer necessary just as transportation had already become - gas up the rockets, ditch the sphere and go off looking for another one - maybe a merchant's star system sells cheap for this time of galactic year - Corelian fidelis pterodactyl planes - everyone knows everyone and no one has names
Track Name: The Reels
[A group of weaker humans including Mouse organizes into a fearsome, well-armed militia and counter-media coalition known as the Reels, their goal being the overthrow of the all-powerful Nog regime, as well as some good old-fashioned destruction and general mischief. They are also prone to bouts of whining and over-emotional behavior, as well as frequent paranoia brought on by intermittent control over their strongest members' thoughts by the Box, which leads to problems in their command structure.]

face cold and your heart was sick - everyone was feeling their place - free cast of delinquency - all alone until my song came on the radio - sex and violence - blast the night - kicking down the vendors, tagging their signs - flames of indecision burning in my soul - but i know i aint never gonna do what i am told - we're gonna die man - no hold on we're gonna be alright we're gonna make it - I'm burning, please God don't let me die - I've got a wife and kids to look after, don't let me die - what the fuck do you think that you're gonna find - and i fall to the ground in all the fallout - when your boredom and lust is what I'm singing about - live my life through love and strife - measure my height by amount of light - fake soul and the ass was thick - apologies I've wanted to hear - we graze in the fields of the holy one - only to find myself alone the very next morning - sex and violence - blast the night kicking down the vendors, tagging their signs - flames of indecision are burning in my soul - but i know i aint never gonna do what i am told - die - live my life through love and strife - measure my height by amount of light - we're gonna die man! - we're gonna die man!!! - we're gonna die man!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Probe
[The world is full of warriors and weaklings. The power of telepathy is more prevalent in the latter. Mouse becomes obsessed with probing the mind of Erica, the beautiful daughter of Ileos Noveli, leader of the Reels. The exposure to her thoughts influences him to become more active in the resistance]

take a look outside - it's all i need to find (always here) - take a photoslide - we gaze upon the night (without fear) - I'll give it to you in time - i feel like I'm in your mind - i swim around different lobes - but what i discuss is more than what i know - I'm a probe - from the vine and growing still - fly beside your shore until - an axe or knife is thrown up to me - a dagger of sorts has sliced right through me yeah - get the timing right, deface the halls of light (so unclear)- in atomic night we've only got to fight (without fear) - I'll give it to you in time - i feel like I'm in your mind - i swim around different lobes - but what i discuss is more than what i know, I'm a probe - from the vine and growing still fly beside your shore until an axe or knife is thrown up to me , a dagger of sorts has sliced right through me again - I'll give it to you in time - where is the road where is the sign - how was it i was gonna make you mine
Track Name: Flourescent Trains
[The world is connected by super-fast railroads, so numerous and interconnected that it is damn near impossible to track movement of suspected insurgents. Perfect.]
Track Name: Only Hope
[Obsession intensifies, desperation sets in. The militants become evermore fractured and disorganized, leading to increasing amount of instability and general distrust]

i fight to write you off - but you rule mind and soul - caged in the rounds of sound - inside your ears for years - all is past and still here - can't believe in shooting stars - we fail, we fall - both short and tall - all of the Syncs that i fear in the night oh my love, you're the reason i try - to tear away the walls of hate- live for love and slight my fate - stream of the blue unknown to my lover's eyes - become because i will i was - desperate in the drowning buzz - walls that enclose have closed - one phone call to you - all is past and still here - we can't believe in shooting stars -we fail, we fall - both short and tall - all of the Syncs that i fear in the night oh my love, you're the reason i try... - please yourselves and fade away - they will seethe and aggravate - peel away the skin protecting all their lives - ending all their cries - ending
Track Name: Get Wise
[Mouse and his fellow Reels break into a media-center to broadcast their message to anyone who can still hear]

the one you worship is a faker -a liar cheater and forsaker - get wise, oh yeah baby get wise - kills anyone who stands in the way of the master plan to destroy all life - get wise oh yeah baby get wise - you know no one's doing a thing about it get wise - your oxygen do you think you'll live without it, get wise -oh oh- they rape the landscape to get their money gotta take over gotta put things right - get wise, oh yeah baby get wise- greed of a king has destroyed the kingdom - gotta take him out, take back our freedom! - get wise - no one's doing a thing about it, get wise - the rich get richer the poor get poorer get wise - we're not too sore to tell the ceiling from the floor - get wise
Track Name: Intergalactic Business Machines
[Intergalactic communication with New Earth colony in the Andromeda galaxy, attempting to bring reinforcements back to Earth to fight the evil armadas of the exalted one. Meanwhile, various battles are fought]
Track Name: Born of Light
[Insecurity becomes a force to be reckoned with. Something has to be done! Not to worry, it's all under control...]

Enter my disaster in you. The floating footsteps of truth. The truth that should've never been. The hole that i have fallen in. I fell deep in the fire when we sang in the choir. Larger than life was the size of the love in your eyes. It was either to fade or fight my insecurities despite that everything you did was right but i had you for a night. You were born of the light for your faith is your sight i can't try without my . , my only good lie. I need you to be my eyes to see me through this sleepless night. With all the years I've gone without nothing will make you love me now. You were ...
Track Name: A Cloaking Device
[A few ships using alien technology which was previously believed to be destroyed by aliens in 1974 manage to cross the artificial wormhole connecting the two galaxies, past Nog's battleships under a remarkably effective field of cloak.]
Track Name: My Guardian Angel
[Brought on by increasingly effective telepathic interference, the Reels' command structure falls apart completely, leaving only the most advanced telepaths, bio-tech-integrated humanoids, and those closely linked with and protected by them to continue the fight. Mouse, while previously obsessed with Erica, now depends on her presence of mind to survive. This is really no problem as the combination of her integrated circuitry and a most unbelievably thorough education in the ways and means of presence and influence allows her to skillfully block enemy pathways into several of her comrades' minds simultaneously]

what an ugly loser - so many flaws in your design - we won't give you nothing - eat you alive - don't even try to fight - i believe all flaws are forgotten so what's the need to understand - and i could die, the touch of your hand - losing all my breath before my death - and she was guarding my soul - why so down and listless - I'll help you along - read from your psalms - finally we've chosen - to leave them behind - don't even care if we're right - cause i believe our flaws are forgotten so what's the need to understand - and i could die by the touch of your hands - losing all my breath before my death - and she was guarding my soul
Track Name: S.A.S.E. (Bash Your Head Against the Wall)
[A crazed lunatic whose mind has been irreparably corrupted by Nog's mind-alteration procedures goes on a seemingly endless rampage of destruction and propaganda proliferation...suicide may be the only solution for this individual. Can't say I really give a damn.]

love smacked me upside the head - thought i was almost dead - written off as a lie - ready to die - crawling in a tunnel of shame - forgot my own name - didn't think of anyone to blame - but i found that it was all the same - razorblades are like second chances, true romances at high school dances - erase your head so full of doubt - so kill yourself and it'll all work out - bash your head against the wall - blood is all you see coming back for me!!! - i can't say no - take my halo - love my innocence though it makes no sense - dumb that's what I've become - one tiny part of a sum - i could never comprehend - just about nearing the end - solitude and ice deface - the youthfulness of my pale face - for giving you sight and taste - i slipped right out of time and space - razorblades ... - bash... - tell me I'm insane - this isn't really how it is - that my life isn't the norm - crawling like a worm - no one else could be as deformed - sectioned off, lonely and bored - here in my hand a sharp sword - introduce me to the Lord - razorblades... - bash... - love makes no sense
Track Name: Washed Away
[Even notable saviors of the world aren't perfect. Sometimes they can be downright stupid. As the chips begin to fall unfavorably, a group of highly intelligent dolphins construct a new airborne communications grid that is strong enough to combat the Boxes' influence. However in the case of some none-too-bright crusaders, this leads to even more obliviously moronic confusion. Some begin to believe they themselves can breathe under water, and thus they drown by the hundreds. What morons! There is an added benefit (or problem perhaps) with this newly constructed grid, which is, MIND-SEX WITH A DOLPHIN. Amazed by this infiltration, many of Nog's soldiers succumb to bouts of crazed flopping about on the battlefield, to which their commanding officers can only helplessly shout "NO NO!". These particularly weak-minded soldiers become known as the Floppy-Nonos]

elevate the people, short and tall - calibrate the tensions, great and small - fever catch my instant desolate - heaven sent and living on your hate - accord evernew - blown into view - so what can i do to the razor in you - evidently erica made her stand - scraping number signs into her hands - innocence had flown away too soon - peace alone would save her from her doom - end fake of love - small pace of heart - fast escalation in wailing desert - in the vaults and halls of lined machines - rumor has it, all aint what it seems - that the rows of boxes and their cores - are some kind of universal door - so what can i do to destroy this old way - all your evil forces in love are washed away
Track Name: Freedom in Bondage
[The weak-minded are afforded a kind of peace as their world is destroyed. Distracted from the carnage of the neverending conflict as they are integrated almost completely into their electronic nodes, which take over their bodies and allow them to exist without any need to leave their homes]
Track Name: Security
[A year and a half passes...at this time Erica, working with dolphin programmers Kelsome, Verta and J-Show have developed viruses designed to break down the ubermassive Nog Control Grid. Some more willful victims of these insidious devices begin to regain control of their faculties and discover the state of the world, nearly destroyed by a catastrophic war. The sudden jolt of reality is a bit too much for some, who still fondly recall their peaceful connection to the fictional paradise of the NCG. The circuits still buzzing in their heads, they become increasingly distrubed, and set out to join the resistance, using their new electro-kinetic abilities to unleash brutal bolts of blue lightning at the enemy armies, Bolena-beasts, and anyone else who happens to get in their way. They are particularly bothered by a constant need for sexual fulfillment. "Fullfill my sexual desires!" is a common battle-cry. One thing's for sure, it's going to get worse before it gets better...]

i wake, feel safe, love sex, don't stray, greed bust, failed art, headlights in the dark, high tide subsides, drown time, I'm not fine, feel me, don't flee, i need, security - all our pretense lying in the dusk - days have passed like ambulances now we eat their dust - pace our strides into the night with intuition's guide - if on your ship of lost compassion i can bum a ride - feel the water pulsing red, flowing through my head - reside inside a circular divide - disown, abide, to forgive my demise - the best design will be so inclined to race the stride of a cataclysm's eye - i wake, feel safe, love sex, don't stray, greed bust, failed art, headlights in the dark, feel me don't flee, i need security - come on feel me now come on show me how -why can't i feel what I've found - i wanna take you down
Track Name: Give Me a Sign
[It's a sine! No, it's just another paranoid delusion. Get off your high horse and take a look around. Things aren't so great. Things are going quite badly for all concerned. You will be consumed by giant frogs if you don't stop escaping into these small-network fantasy programs..]

i had a dream about my decision - i was a freak without much precision - i can't believe that i could envision a chemical world with so much indecision - i had a dream about myself and in this dream there was no one else - i had a dream i was someone else - i was a fat cat thug with a whole lotta wealth - crazy things i will believe - all these dreams will deceive - we all give up authority for peace of mind - hey now, child, give me a sign
Track Name: The Box
[Even with the valiant efforts of the humanoid-dolphin resistance, the Boxes still exert quite a bit of control over the population of the Earth. Only one way for sure to stop Nog for good: knock out the forcefields surrounding the Plastic Castle of New Orleans and destroy the damn things!]

deal me in - I'll take that bet - and raise you -AHH!!!- all your money you will give to Nog - sacrifice to a pagan god - forests will be plowed for the advancement of dens - harvesting the monsters will be their only function (a bunch of motherfuckers!!!) - every individual will lose identity - the box facilitating their faceless unity - monsters and glass will corrupt the landscape - and from our prying eyes there is no escape - please don't take my home - don't wanna live under your control- silencing every basic need - consuming every resource that exists for your own greed - all your money... - and they'll eat you alive - where did our hopes go wrong - how were we so blind to elect one such as Nog - the once pure town, just a giant bog - cancer on the face of a world so torn - can you see it, what you're doing to me - its time for the revolution - it's time for me! - you make us cry, we hope you die - i wanna bash it all to hell
Track Name: Cold
[Delusions come and go. The strangest things become commonplace. Knowledge is something to fight. We must put a stop to it.]

all the time - i have no soul - i don't want one - cause I'm cold - bonafide, like i know - into the sun, I'm in a shadow - on my mind - pieces of a whole - meat on a bun - getting cold - frontside, in the snow, I'm in a zone where the wind may blow - up to the sky - slugs in my eyes - train fly by - signifies?? - a celebration that never ends - the noise builds the calm rescinds - tell me when the accent will take its leave - leave us all alone with one dull sine wave permeating all that was alive or dead
Track Name: Clearly
[As time goes on, the constant reproduction of Sels and Dolphins overwhelms the vast armies of Bolenas and tech-warriors. The networks now are controlled just as much by the resistance as the enemy. Indeed, many enemy soldiers have switched sides after the constant barrage of dolphin-sex suggestion. The final battle is at hand..]

clearly, it's been overblown - seeds of hate have been sewn - watch over us - carry us through the storm - bring the fire of your love to keep us warm - acid rain coming down - searing through the clouds - clearly the hour is near - Nog will flee in his fear - watch over us - carry us through the storm - bring the fire of your love to keep us warm
Track Name: Newcombe's Last Stand
alone - evading light - flourescent eyes - blurring my sight - fall forward down - a flight of stairs - and gravity, she never cares - reaching for your hands - I'm gonna catch you up into my arms - i wanna be your only son - erica, child, you are the only one - oh the silent fall of every truth - we've suffered long through unsuspecting youth - fear hasn't won the final war - we will stand up tall for who we are - damn, assistant thugs - shooting up the halls - breaking down the walls- oh my endless fear of executive guns - i would retreat but I've nowhere to run - read the papers now - they tell you lies, bold and flat out - i need them GONE - our only chance to save their minds from such a circumstance - oh how i wish we'd have stayed with you - you could've taught us something true - if i had a way to thank you now - i would need someone to tell me how - all quiet on the northern front - we drove them back since all last month - to the wilderness lead them off to die -and sacrifice their souls to the god of the northern sky
Track Name: Awaiting the Execution
[Nog is put to death as the people of the world rejoice. Finally we can begin to rebuild]
Track Name: Return of the Lost Battalion