Peter Pariah, Primary Messiah

by Brandon Edge

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well, let me just say i'm glad this one is over with. i'd been 'working' on it, on and off, since...well a couple tracks started in 2011, one in '10...i had a rough draft of the album in Aug. 2013, and then could just never make up my mind what to do with certain mixes, would get tired of hearing the songs and put it down for a while, etc...not a bad album in the end, though i should've had it done 3 years ago.


released January 9, 2016

i made's mine. you didn't help.
well ok, Kelsome the Great's vocals appear on "Capitalised" and "Cover My Face"

cover photo by my mom, phoenix, az, 1980.



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: Hangin' Out the Door
baby get ready to rock and roll
baby get ready to rock and roll
baby get ready to lose control
baby get ready to rock and roll
baby get ready to lose your soul
all the kids gettin' really really pissed get on the floor and i'll kick your ass
yeah yeah yeah
baby get ready to kick my ass
i put on my socks and put on my shoes too
i got my pee pee hangin' out the door
why the fuck won't you fuck me no more
Track Name: Get a Grip
bare bones and shoestrings against the dawn
tall-ordered posturing, mistakes foregone
if i just took the blame i would forfeit my turn
not every book contains a lesson you should learn
you snicker and sneer, i'm being sincere
you come to mock, i come to revere
for all of the weaklings and all the strong
let's muster the means to just get along
if i recite the lines you've written for my part
i'd be as plastic as your artificial heart
in all of the time we had to kill
to get from the cave to the top of this hill
we still can't get a grip on the power of true love
that feigning ignorance is ignorance enough
so won't you shut up and be a tool
for the foremen of fate who built this ship of fools
just turn it off with sex and drugs and rock and roll
put the tag up on your windshield and pay the fucking toll
Track Name: Silver Star
run away from hope that should dissolve
the sinews of desire that connect to stupid thoughts
imagination, what-could-be, where you are so nice to me
what isn't killed transplants and sprouts new crops of boring hopes and doubts

liars, all you cryers, sow your faces in the ground
grow up something stationary that never moves and never makes a sound
you should know that there's no need
to forestall what is meant to be
what you probably mean to say is no worse than what i think anyway
i know exactly what i am, i'm powerful, and i can withstand
you insult me with your greyed-out link of condescending mystery

you are no silver stars of purity and faith
you're servants of your ego, pride, resentment and disgrace
and there's no escape, no rhyme or reason to your fate
no god of love or heaven's gate
just bars on windows, bolted doors, starving saints and fattened whores
the promise of injustice and disrespect
to be shooed or stomped like a worthless fucking insect
i know the feeling, it's alright
the happiness it's stealing, we've got to fight
the clerics of denial, the weight upon our souls
meet the new messiah, his name is rock and roll
taking over the cities, replacing fear with peace
reducing carbon footprints, planting lots of trees
whoa my god i'm so pissed off
oh my god, i am's making me mad
i hate the world, i hate it all
look me in the eye cause i'm getting mad
time to get down to the brass tacks
gotta find something to dissolve my anger
please would you be my lover tonight
and make everything quite alright in my mind
it's something to fucking distract me
distract me, i need you baby now
to make me feel ok, some way, somehow
Track Name: Telefission
cap the tarball, we're rolling in sin
aperture opens, the disk will spin
pardon my egress, i need to get back
it's now become clear that there will be an attack
the jury is out, the verdict is in, a singular purpose alive again
peter is ours but he won't last long
answer the message we must respond
benedictum, blameless victim, thought transmission, telefission
find my thought disks of all that i've known
particle beams will penetrate my dome
fucking instructions, the places and times
conducting an opera of pantomimes
the jury is out, the verdict is in, the loser of later is now to win
beacons are optioned, afforded by tongue
licking and sealing events to come
how would you say this compromises you
telefission is nothing new
answer me, rabbit speed, gaping mouth and a scorching lead
that i'll never be good enough to play
answer these impassioned pleas, oxygen for the autumn breeze
that never called upon you for anything
[i'm here to rock, i'm here to rock, i never stop, i never stop, i never stop stop stop stop stop stop stop, i keep rocking and rolling until the day is done, yeah....YEAH]
heavy water saline, darling won't you save me
all i've ever wanted was to be close to someone
without having to worry too much about words
but i might say some words, or i might not...whatever
safety: promise thereof, mischief, comfort, fulfillment, fear, danger
Track Name: Capitalised
destroy the disease of our civilization

i find you so intriguing
it's unlikely that i'll reveal my sneaky intentions
i have foreseen the wants and the needs of the clicking monkey
i am so intrigued above, intrigued below
i will destroy your ego, for i cannot accept the fear of the infinite unknown
no one must know the truth or satisfy their lust for understanding
or to express themselves at all, identity dissolved [i will kill you]
land of the freaks, home of the slaves
do you sign your name "mr. monkeyfunk"
do you sign your name "proper robot junk"
i want you to escape from the shapeless void of antiquity
so receive my love, a diamond-fisted glove
omnipotent drug to face the object of
a shrouded devil in the corridor

i am the primary messiah

follow me as your lord, and i'll tap you with my big fat iron knighting sword

i am the random man, i feel that my name should be capitalised

destroy all religion, never die, never die, we're gonna turn the tide
destroy the disease of our civilization
Track Name: My Name Is Peter
my name is peter, and i'm not very well-liked
i'm here to fuck you in the ass
i suck like a skeeter, i lick pussy like a dyke
and i'll bring about a change that's built to last

well the vulnerable decay, and i can protect their set
a value set that flourishes with time
their minds are molded from the moment they set upon this earth
to be inferior, to hate and scream and cry
in solitude they ponder like the beaten often will
"why have i been handed down this fate?"
they know the truth, a truth that's difficult to explain
to the folks who think that everything's just great

there often stands an obstacle that's much too high to see a way around
you feel like it's impossible, you want to end your life
but i can rectify injustice, pain, and that can end your strife

my name is peter, and i'm not very well-liked
i'm here to fuck you in the ass
i suck like a skeeter, i lick pussy like a dyke
and i'll bring about a change that's built to last

the head of the american union, i don't recall his name
came to my house to get fucked up the butt
i told him "no, you really need to go"
his smile became a frown and he exclaimed "hope you get aids, you fuckin' slut"

there's always something you can do to help to make the world a better place
it's possible to write a book, a song, a film, an app
even leave behind earth's atmosphere and live in outer space, oh baby

my name is peter, and i'm not very well-liked
i'm here to fuck you in the ass
i suck like a skeeter, i lick pussy like a dyke
and i'll bring about a change, a change that's built to last
Track Name: Etiquette
hide your feelings in the sand, a matter for the ageless
cap the essence, razor shorn, trial of errors played us
gallop foals, traverse the coals, and praise malfeasance
a torrid etiquette advised unto reviled aesthetic
rein thou must in thy commuted discretion
orator decry and still this tempest with which we've collided
calm my raging addict fit, probated civilian service
trouble comes in many shapes and sizes
battle prose to patch the holes, praise malfeasance
to forment an atmosphere of blight, do and you will regret it
in vain thou rust in thy venusian protection
collate and comply with skill, the surplus with which we provide it
in vain thou lust in thy computed discretion
ornate undivided still the tempest with which we've collided
cage thou must in thy polluted complexion
ornate non-compliant still, the inference with which i design it
Track Name: Cover My Face
caught at a standstill, torn to shreds all hope
the time is long overdue, i'm ready for intervention
so burn my river of tears and cover my face up
call up your best volunteers and get out of this place right now
[unused: i'm your problem now, so drink up and have another round
life is wasted gone for good, no heart to fight the mark of silicon]
you're not as smart as you think you are
i'm not as smart as i thought i was
we're not as smart as we want to be, so what
a certain specter still presides over everything i hide
distance of light is measured in time, it's been too long my love
so help me forget my fear and cover my face up
burn my river of tears, and get out of this place right now
you've got your halo, don't you think i know
i want your halo, don't you think i won't
turn back the clock 20 years so i can get it right
it's a stock car race and i'm grinding my gears
it's dark cause there's no light
burn my river of tears and cover my face up
call up your best volunteers and get out of this place right now
Track Name: Murder 2
i've got a request, i've got a request
please don't stab me in the chest
it'll get on your dress, it'll make a big mess
please don't stab me in the chest
what did i ever do to deserve this from you
what have i ever said that would make you want me dead
you take me out on the town, you never let me down
you fill my ears with a beautiful sound
i see your face in my dreams, i think you know what that means
so make that vow and take this ring
be my girl, be my wife, perhaps then you'll think twice about taking my life
there's a lot of fun things that we can do
that won't get you brought up on murder 2
Track Name: Facts
you say you gotta get away, you won't give me anymore information than that
you say you don't know my name, how do you expect me to believe that
i've told you my name about a thousand times, i've told you what i do and i've told you why
i look for the people that can help me out
are you one of those people? i'm in doubt of that
i don't think it's a fact
i don't think i can count on you as a friend
i don't think you'll be around til the very end
look at me, tell me i'm not seein' the truth as it stands before me
hell is a place that you're gonna go
hell is a place that i need to know
i need to know
i need to know
i want to know the facts
give me the facts, you fucking ho
give me the facts so i can go away
i want to leave this place, today
alright, it's ok, babay
i feel the need growing in me, the ends will justify the means
to access the information to stimulate imagination
i'm locked on target, artifice inverted
the facts will set you free
in hallowed liberty i lift my voice to thee
affect the resting waves that control my apathy
to support the facts, confirm my heading
Track Name: Elegant Flirts of the Silent Era
honor/guilt, distorted lives, all day long and all of the night
strobe-dispersed straightforward spill-guard
terror strikes the stronghold p-p-punch card
yonder speckled dust mite slam dance
we don't need no adulation
english girls speaking italian bite the cobbled parsnip parcels
shoelace straits, espousal tarball
dwindling snippets, disinterest-bound
clovis of israel, melee ultimatum
omnidistance-handled response
tracking number foresee receipt
validate in recompense, pernicious release
outcast specials added into the mix
accosted by midgets with foot-long dicks

a winner is you, i am error
all your base are belong to clara
midnight blue, intrusive terror
the elegant flirts of the silent era

sell my soul, feel me up, coal my diamonds, fill my cup
crawlspace tensile strength in beams
a fine interpretation will tell you what it means
to be all your problems minced
with trousers clenched in the throes of the prince
solipsism strolls the meadow to find the leprechauns at the end of the rainbow
out on safari said the sign on the door
take a gun from a drawer should we run into a boar
accompanied by heroes of the civil war
it's astounding what this life might have in store
cultus non obstante dum rectus stabat / magna cum laude pro meretrix
[worship in spite while standing upright / great praise for the prostitute]
pretium vendere animam meam / i nudabo si vestri injuriosum retines aut executiones
[sell my soul for a discount price / i will discover if you're naughty or nice]


so we have a little boy now
go ahead shoot me, then take a bow
i take care of my own for my own good, and the oversight is understood
we'll be goading the sentry in self-defense
because the official explanation is utter nonsense
Track Name: Watch Me Die
do you want to rule the world / do you want to be my girl
do you want to perpetuate the lie / do you want to watch me die
that's not an option
astrophysics robot score / this program does so generate what you deplore
truth is laughing in your face / causeway spastic high speed chase
cause i'm just an actor / you're just an actor / it's just another film
i've been rehearsing / you've been coercing / love is returning
to its rightful place in hell
sowing all the seeds it needs to raise the crops and cast the spell
of doom and need / got mouths to feed / we're all a bunch of slaves to our second nature
not our first / we need the water of freedom to quench our everloving thirst
and destroy the curse, of rampant dishonesty
oh sweet jesus baby what do you want from me
do you wish to perpetuate this lie / are you going to sit and watch me die
that's not an option
Track Name: Spiritual Deception
suck, suck suck suck my wood
take your spiritual deception, put it underground
take your spiritual deception, bury it underground, woman
we'll soon attack religion for the second time and synchronize our telefission protocols
the minute it dies, permit to to tell lies
you're gonna go straight to hell
when the shallowest reason evokes the deepest feeling
and the company you keep like gremlins multiply
the transmission complete, expect/accept the imperfections
and now you know why i love you, it's all a matter of time
to put it underground
take your spiritual deception, chuck it underground
take your spiritual deception, you know you never make no sound
so when you unsew the tight connection to the second nature spank bank
burn down the totem pole release your soul from the gravity well
and i'm gonna find you, i'm gonna send you back
i'm gonna plague your life til you cut me some slack
plenty to bill the annotations of life
and spill the drinks that they fill, i love you i do!
they're dancing on the graves of the light of the world and the salt of his creation
disinfect and extol, supplant the new commandment
til salacity wins, and i hump you


and they've discovered these things about your life
everdepressant, the tiki vern of Jordan
beati Benedicti, et sic convalidandum
[benedictine blessed and thus validate]
vos ut neco sacerdotes ac politici et omnis qui stat in via tua
[you to kill priests and politicians and all who stand in your way]
diversis petitiones dicere [call on several different modes of attack]
nunquam fiet ut iterum [this will ensure that you never fall back]
bobby jack gonna bop you in the head with a mf'n tire iron
til you put it underground, take your spiritual deception, boy, bury it underground
take your spiritual deception, you know you never make no sound
make no sound, i'm gonna burn it down, burn down religion, burn it down
i'm gonna fuck it up, i'm gonna break it down, i'm gonna take my share and do some things that are really cool
and get a lot of money and chicks and drugs and sex and i'm gonna find you
i'm gonna love you forever my angel baby my angel darling
sweet, unbelievably awesome bitch oooh yeah
transmission complete, i'm creeping out until the world is destroyed, i'm gonna give you things
make you obscene, and sell you all the things that i'm feeling in my dreams
ahh it's really cool, i got a lot of cash to spend on the people i like
i'll stab the ones i don't
look at me now, i'm taking off my clothes in the middle of the street
i want to, i need to, i love you
i don't really give a damn
we're building a new life that the masses can get behind
Track Name: Cambridge
inform key event, priority urgent / target history, this listener removed
object assign, if false destroy, if condition=show before hide=false
remove this option: unliked success / offset by class, generic dialogue
domain query behavior state, page title function
debounce across transitions, mark compiled in the page-like constants
accelerate the mongrel demon seed
trite complaint to activate that i cannot turn back the clock, too late
am i content to vent the pointless fact that every day laments the blunt impacts
that have obliterated the orbital lessons learned
pallets stacked upon my shoulders and appellate coat-check parent folders
never knock an opportunity out once plain, now i'm talking like a lunatic because i'm insane
feel the comfort of electric blanket burns
i need your love now, can you feel my desire getting higher
we cave in to society's expectations
if you've got the patience, we'll try

who knows how to do this right, who cares, it's not fair
set blind null opacity summit
get qualified, subscription unsubscribe, bind this title
big pipe domready, big pipe unload, fallback float map, get the key, get the code
hey little girl, i'm coming to your house, hey little girl i'm squealing like a mouse
to me be tended, i'm not that demented, i'm lemon scented, helpful items that i've invented
execute your environment, your prototype character, serial helper, psychosexual yelper

if you've got the patience, we'll try

we'll all be dust soon enough so why bother picking on someone's appearance
just shut up
just shut your fucking mouth
Track Name: Mister Messiah
you've made comments on my character that make me want to kill
i can't see a justification for letting you have your will made into action
you should not be allowed to proceed with this character assassination
it's something that i really don't need
i don't like you, i'd like to see you dead
that's about all i have to say
you've made comments about the world that i don't agree with
you've made comments about the world that i think are treasonous
i've got a plan for the world and you don't fit in
i've got a plan for the world and it doesn't include your special needs and your sin
your shameful existence and your shame that you thrust upon the world
it's a problem for me

it's a total waste of time...i feel the power of the holy spirit in my nutsack

save me from myself, mister messiah
peter pariah, mister messiah
Track Name: For Pete's Sake
caustic cradle pantomimic / grey spike groundworms mount olympic
gardens of the undeserving flower children
bent hope salt demonic bliss tents / epileptic loft existence
stitch the shackled birds unto the sky
how we spoke and how we choke
au revoir with your heads stuck in the sand
stop the car ignite the engine / separate with fond division
the bonds we're living all too tightly bound
our light won't soon be found
and we live underground in our pods, where we don't hear the sound of the gods
there's a peace in the lonely expanse, for we know better than to leave it all to chance
he's no savior, watch the language / dreams/emotions, mental anguish
use your brain and nail him to the cross, no savior
fools you are, i am messiah / i will force you to deny
a useless way of life that you uphold
i'll instruct on how to fuck
with soul-borne static and a call from the stipend's cloud
soaring on the wings of virtue, telefission, halt the mind-screw
clara won't you listen to my song, before my time is gone
Track Name: Backdated
encountered fools of all the world outside
in counsel, wheelers pass the mark dispensed in pride
precise exactly hit the maker's thoughts, backdated
terse algorithms elevate the skies, portended valor harbor just this time
welcome to feeling, rest your head on mine, backdated
my failure is yours to climb, alone
consoled by your console, press on, availed of your selling point
do you believe me, will you receive me
lover help me to believe in all these lies
i seek your guidance, will i never find it, i'm losing my mind
in these corridors, they test my patience again and again
traveling forthwith, in cycles of follies i met
they persuade me, they jade me...much obliged
mercantilism pays a heavy price
annexed division for the antichrist
our second nature bays in wailing sound, backdated
forsaken tethered ever-glistening sphere
we can't imagine not existing here
so much the history expounds in fear, backdated
"in darkness compromise" backdated for all time