Ringing the Bells of the Parliament

by Brandon Edge

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Approx. Running Time: 1:20:54 [so, just long enough to not fit on CD :) ]

This is a remastered [on 7/25/2012] version of this album. If you previously downloaded the original 2010 master, you'll notice a significant difference here. For one, you can hear the basslines better. Other differences include a re-worked "Rock Tonight" with new vocals, a new verse [there weren't any before lol], more drums, more synths..."Spin, Copper" has new "in-between parts" noise parts.

This here is an album I worked hard on from winter 2009-spring 2010. As always there were many cool ideas that I didn't finish, that in some cases probably would've been better than the ones I did. But I am the artist, so I do what I want. Lyrics are provided in a txt file with the album download.


released April 25, 2010


Written/Performed/Recorded by Brandon Edge at the Den of Iniquity, Robstown, TX Nov. 2009-Apr. 2010.

My Schecter 006 [stolen in 2011] was the electric most used on this album. My 80s Jap. Squier is featured on "Forever Is a Long Time". "Gemstore", the track, was rec'd in 2007 I think [vocals added in 2010]. The first draft of "Evil City" dates back to around that time as well. "MFT" has a couple of parts that date back to '04 or '05.

My friend Kelly wrote the line "window shopping on OK Cupid is kind of reassuring sometimes" in the song "Kelsome". I hope she doesn't want any money for that.



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: Rock Tonight
we're gonna rock tonight, we're gonna rock the fuckin' night
alright, alright
obamacare is gonna make ya scared
obliterates your soul without a care
communism is a force that i wield like a scepter
it's a deadly plague and i'm the infector
check my indecision and the cause to fight
the relegation of dissent and the violation of copyright
we're gonna rock tonight, we're gonna rock the fuckin' night
alright, alright
Track Name: Callout Hook
sealed in tall black iron spires, vault glides capsise i recognise
orbits of the nonchalant in texture, last year an extant
in mire lay flat incased in flax, mind your slogans
and spontaneous combustion expounds on matter's inefficiency
bleary mirror sacred light, illustrious an informality
all mixed up and not too bright, it might come back to haunt you in the night
if i'm missing when the callout hook resounds throughout the city
elucidate elation to the armistice invasion
mind over matter or something
pallid axeman fall to the slab, psych books bounce checks repostulate
arson raids to maximize the lasting repercussions of all your fuckin lies
acts of punishment, i'll keep you apprised
you examine the dimensions and you disregard the size
acts of punishment, you act surprised
i offer compromise with genuine lies
steering clear of sadists eyes, a must for us, a miserable finality
all fucked up in dublin, christ, it might come back to haunt you in the night
if i'm missing when the callout hook dissolves from overplaying
hallucinate verbatim on a grand utopian nation
testicle inoculation of an overarching persuasion
escalate the tensions of the misled masses
father time, mother earth
i don't know, i don't search
i believe in myself, but i don't know what that is
an ounce of fabled service, am i alone
i don't want to hurt you, i don't want to know you
i already know too much and it doesn't help
i don't need these silly stars, go
armor poses some grave threat, maybe cause it's heaven sent
i drift off and still i repent, i don't need these silly stars
Track Name: Unequivocal Autonomy
i'm lookin for a someone with no diseases
who likes my rock and roll and has cute sneezes
intelligent and doesn't buy astrology
to grant me unequivocal autonomy
purposeful and driven to be something
i'm so cool and isn't this interesting
write your name upon my list if you're so inclined
hope you're down for sex cause that's what's on my mind
i am no one and i take orders from no one
i want everything i haven't got
i want to be loved for what i am not
Track Name: Harbinger
you're a harbinger of fascist principles
Track Name: (I Don't Know How to) Stop Now
i've been rocking so long
i don't know how to stop now!
Track Name: Shitstorm
shitstooooooooooooooooooorm (shitstorm shitstorm!)
ringing the bells of the parliament
ringing the bells of the parliament
ringing the bells of the parliament
ringing the bells of the parliament
Track Name: Hop On
you're not helping to relax me
hop on as conceit for lost time
pulse: i gauge your insight and taste
i don't believe a word you say
peal and startle a fading dreamscape
up to call a truce with fate
gnawing strife is a curt mistake
obsolete and incomplete
we don't belong in stasis
blinking out upon drug-addled faceless
prospective asterisks of like
need i remind you
window sills spark anemic spades
how so? compact culled complacence
baseline forceps untethered plight
ask not the waves to quell their might
deign to dine with friends of mine
assay the gospel
ditch that crown to protect your head
i'll tell you when you're dead
i never thought i'd say this
betray the flaws of your noble playlist
auspices passed the torch of lies
need i remind you
no need to be afraid of me
in my trench coat of absurdity
you turned my eyes on to the light
don't let it go to your head tonight
i hope you know that i'm in hell
all i have to sell is my resistance
you never fell, i guess it's just as well
the only thing that i regret is my existence
Track Name: Spin, Copper
option A pulse, the demi-god
an operation, another song
amount to hover, akin to strong
oscillation, got to conservate
pack the maelstrom, i've been inside
i've got the lasers to make you die
prosthelytize the serfs and pulverize the talent merchants
start a fire, start your engines, got to force their fate
fell into my position, i put up the cash to get some
organic asphyxiation, pour gallons of acid on trolls
a puppet regime is twitching, they're fed up with all our bitching
and soon i believe there's nothing they'll be able to do to stop me
so drive, an hour later still alive, upon the plains you fall inside
the praise of pissants always tries to flip the swtich and swat the flies
a boring saturday parade, if we insist to alternate
the suffering of fools will culminate
time for polywogs to fall, jesus come and save us all
when it starts to rain little stars the demons get hard
spin, copper, spin, spin, copper, spin, and let the nightmare begin
seems like it's over for you now, you're not facing up or down
no sound is guiding us now
masters haven't aged a day, bastards always get their way
ministrate the coal and advise, for this is the last time
spin, copper, spin, spin, copper, spin, supplant some hope for the men
reserved and asked for far too much, a light switch i dared not to touch
it's time to turn it on
Track Name: Evil City
evil city is evil
i don't know how they found me
i don't know why you hound me
i never did nothing to you
nobody's standing on the platform as the ship comes in
mtv is evil
i don't know how they sleep at night
i don't know how they're not feeling the fright
of their assured impending doom
why do you let them fill your sacred time with heresy
you have the power to change the world
Track Name: Get Back
get back, ok
don't get in the way of the new day
you think you know it all but you don't know nothin'
common sense ain't so common
get back, ok
don't be in the way of the ashtray
you'd be wise to exercise some caution
Track Name: Kelsome
she's down and out, and linked to nothing
she's out of bounds but that's how she wants it
can't remember why i thought you were smart
you've got no mind and you want no heart
so what's the matter, yeah what's it matter to you now
you got somethin, you got somethin to prove now
and what you wanted to be you cannot see
was commandeered and replaced with greed
what you wanted to feel is what they wanted to steal
never gonna get that far with a little black harness around my heart
gotta be a superscar, before the angels and the angles that i play get

by the indolence i can't discard, there's something sinister in us the

avaricious placard
baby won't you help me cause i'm falling apart
break your back, kelsome is on, break your neck service the dawn
reconnect to something strong, fact accost raze in a throng
taxes for the melee are due, rumors of my death are untrue
bow to kelly's sword for she slew all the dragons you ever knew
never thought you'd get too far in a circle with an overcast dampener on your

machinations chomp at the tit, that's a vain serrated promise that i'll never

bane of your existence surmised
rock and roll is our persistence not to be capsized
populate the universe...now
pacing and tasting the worlds, facing the truth of the words, yeah
window shopping on okcupid is kind of reassuring sometimes
former members of new kids, seek someone to share their lives
tried to relate to kelsome, with a point of view in tow
but how can i tell you something that i don't even know
that sunlight drains the doom, a feeling that can't be sold
that sometimes we break through, before we grow too old
oculate impoverished malice, i'm not strong enough to fight devotion
oxygen insults the chalice, i just want to consume the ocean
braise autonomic asides avert the stubborn tides
you need a balance to hang your hat on
glaze opportunity rides with your internal slime
you got a number i can reach you at?
ain't you the girl that i saw in that entry way
drinking a beer on a hot summer's day
i'm gonna give you a chance and count to three
or else five of your convictions are coming with me
that's alright we can groove, i said we could make the scene
at outset nascent too, out-flanked by sights unseen
give me your love give me your love give me your love now
give me your love give me your love give me your love now
those sanctuary blues, the noose that it hung us on
you know we've paid our dues, and learned our right from wrong
internment is for gods, appellate with go-to claws
so serve at your discretion, repeal the unjust laws
describe in detail flaws, avoid the sharp steel jaws of the establishment,

keep on rockin til the break of day, keep on rockin til they carry you away
always have something to say
note the sale date, be not sullen
land with grace uneffaced when you've fallen
don't say you're sorry when you're not
don't be so uptight, and give it all that you got
words can get in the way, so act swiftly
if you should decide that you want to get with me, i'll be in my room
sound, entranced, allowed, let's dance, get stoned, let go, alright
Track Name: Soon Enough
i know that you think that i'm worthless
and everything i do is for naught
i know that you think i deserve this
but that's just cause that's what you were taught
i can see that i'm making you nervous
by jumpin around and singin a tune
you know i'm providing a service
and don't you know i love what i do
you'll be giving me head soon enough
you'll be making my bed
making sure that i'm fed
you'll be giving me head soon enough
the day is coming soon
when you'll be humming my tune
Track Name: Easy on the West Coast
easy on the west coast
it's damn dumb (damn dumb)
i love you baby, baby yes i do
ooh, too much to explain
fuck this life, i'm out, peace to my homies
fire the gun
Track Name: Warning Shot
"take what you want, do something"
i said "i want you"
then she fired a warning shot
i wanted love, or something
that was doomed because
you loved me for what i'm not
i'll be so glad when this is over
and i can crawl into my bed
isolation. kill me dead
so life goes on, i'm sulkin'
oppression's kinda dumb
and it's got to stop
take what you want, do nothing
i don't care because you fired that warning shot
right through my head
i'll be so glad when this is over
and i can crawl into my bed
isolation is my friend
archetypal cauldron, avalanche propulsion
little did i know, you'd tear me limb from limb cause you are a troll
offer to settle out of court, proffer terms and say what you wanna say
foster the hopes and talents, try to restore some balance
the circle will be broken someday
"take what you want, i'm nothing"
i'm relieved because you fired a warning shot
and shot me dead
harvested like cotton, strung out much too often
hate to let you go, over something no one will ever know
that's how it turned out, light of love got burned out
bearings will resolve
love is far too precious to be owned
Track Name: Sensor Sweep
carbon monoxide hail to the leaf
let's get the hell out of dodge
relocate some relief
parliament says we need more defense
i ring the bells of freedom and blast off on my jet pack
liberty give me pause and affiliate
i know when to stop
so won't you lend me a job
callous aversion pales in comparison
to my insulated pseudo-ironic parade
got the kiss and i can't stop now
break the rules hijack the breakdown
edit the pardon list and let my people go
set aside a cave regroup the slaves
a veritable plethora of ineffable states
upend and palliate walk softly unscathed
your valor and pallor make an order anemic
as such my castor and plaster make your resting place scenic
a change is avoided til it can't be denied
like a distraction from what never felt so alive
ten tracks of maelstrom inducing a fit of fillies
a tepid intrepid vanguard liable to give you the willies
solace in surplus to all amended plays
come settle yourself as a witness to days
thought excite in talks of trite and tolls of might accept the plight
it grows intruding spindles twisting out the pores we seep through bristling
i'll connect a forcefield so the malcontents can rally in a vascular distension

expanding through the valley of the sun
my work is done
won't you give me some...love
my babe, some office you got there
i like what you've done with the place
initiate contact with my fucking face
juvenile surplus packs in the riot bus
a folly to gaze an unreciprocated chase
like four second bursts of passive expulsion
full of catholic guilt and satanic compulsion
happily flung to make up the murals
hyrdogenic hyperbole affronts like a funeral
orders ornate with arsenic to infuriate
the poor english chaps who have to draw up the maps
rock on
Track Name: MFT
i fucked up, so what, you think i give a fuck
i took advice, i paid the price, i got a lot of wisdumb
our fierce enforcement hath not the fundamental excuse
i can't be bothered with the consequences of abuse
oh you're so funny, you broke my fuckin' heart
i'm such a dummy, rip it up and tear it apart
my prison isn't the sky, my home isn't the earth
my toll isn't the price of love, i want MORE
high strung minnows unsung widows, i was all caught up investigating pintos
move move move now get to the side
wait wait a second now i got to decide
between the one that wants me dead and the one that wants me alive
i face up to facts, i swing that battle axe at a false identity
but i missed and it really started gettin to me
i don't need all the cash but i need a place to crash
is it really too much to ask, if it is then at least just back up off my ass
Track Name: Polemic Swarm
in the polemic swarm i feel advantageous
positivity, oh yes indeed
in that polemic swarm
it's all i wanted to be
it's all i need
positivity, all of me is positivity
conducive to admiration
reclusive to my displacement
instructions abated for lack of prescience
an opportunity wasted again
so commit yourself again
i'll support you if you win
but i gotta get back home and warn central!
Track Name: Face the Eckla
postponing the inevitable
it's all a matter of time
postponing the inevitable
and i believe the choice is mine
Track Name: Screaming for Sex (Selenium)
screaming for sex (baby)
how is this achieved in your pants
testicle inoculation
spit shine ball sack i have no tact
monitor the selenium
what's the problem baby
are you feeling crazy
stop start sequence a to z
selenium selenium takes me to the next milennium
how is this achieved in your pants
screaming for sex (baby)
Track Name: This Is an Exercise
slit my throat, this is an exercise (gambit)
fuck you fuck you fuck you
but i love you
Track Name: Everything You Could Possibly Want
we got everything you could possibly want, yeah
and you can't have any of it
so you might as well kill yourself
now now now
hail satan
Track Name: A Calculated Risk
it's time for us to weigh the risks and take the plunge
give in to lust, don't play no tricks, just give me your love
i need to procreate before it gets too late
i think that's something you can understand
we'll iron out the kinks, tell me what you think
parity fails in the light of the sun, logic can dictate the purpose of fun
i don't want to die, i never want to grow numb
love is a calculated risk, it doesn't always seem to make sense
but just allow it room in your mind and it will always bloom on time
so let the shit begin, if there's a way to win maybe we'll find it this time
i'll be yours and you'll be mine
i believe it but i don't receive it and it's often got me down
occupational observation is all that i have right now
i want to demonstrate, it's really simple in fact these words don't need to be here
there's just this space in the song that i have to fill
with some meaningless bullshit like i always do
you'll be with me and i'll be with you
roses are red and violets are blue
take me to task and allow me to screw
tournament has begun, the halls illuminated with the presence of god
our hearts are beating in time with the projected intentions of the divine
end this destructive immolation, free the millions waiting underground
i know i've found what i need, this is a sharp tool, i can cut through sound
pull up your roots inherent and reviled, carve out a place for us
welcome me into your arms for the first time
cultivation has begun
release the endless love unto the mark-bearers of the sun
Track Name: Forever Is a Long Time
forever is a long time to wallow in regret and indignity
forever is a long time suppressing our desires and absurdities
endeavor to be alright, and if you find the pulse then let's hear it please
forever is a long time, pretending that we really want to live this way
i won't do that [i won't give in to disease]
i take that back [i'll do whatever i please]
take your money [i wanna be a cash cow]
get some freedom [and laze around like a sow]
you gotta pay the piper to make it up the ladder of shame and greed
you gotta be a sniper, eliminate your foes try to win the game
if you find yourself lost in a world that doesn't seem to give a damn
forever is a long time to think about all the things that could have been
i won't do that [i don't regret not a thing]
i take that back [i didn't get enough bling]
give you comfort [i'll be your lover and such]
least it's somethin'[though i know it's not much]
while they were sleeping their noble servant left home
i don't know the worth of suffering, why don't you search me
maybe you'll find it i don't know
Track Name: Jail
jail, i'm going to jail
a fine mess i've got us into
want some solace
i want you to know
a long kiss your highness
furrows on my conscience
i've fought to bestow
jail, you're going to jail
more than i have ever felt
i feel demoted
one height for one low
so much fond commission
i want to be resistant
you're not salient tonight
so let it go
cost of living
allow me to break
false admission
allow me to escape
Track Name: Life Springs Awn
night chill calmed the windswept waters
arduous oblique it fathers
clasping hopes up smooth face climbing
wonder if they'll ever find me
promulgated squabble logic
guilt is passed on
self-destruct, occlude the sovereign
will to spring awn
to my soul connector
my still life collector
joining hands together
we forego the scepter
shame is out to pasture
splinters in its caste
freedom's left to master
the chaos in our past
take me apart
take me upon
i don't have time to find another
so i stay
i don't know how to feel comfort
so i pray
sleep tight
good night
take me away
maybe we'll be ok
take me away
Track Name: Dust Devil
will you show me the way
down on the salt flats
i took the fast track
give me my life back
throw me in a hole
you are so tasty
you could've changed me
appalled by insipid ceaseless iniquity
when the dust rises
i will regain control
when the world subsides
all i will need to know
is that i'm in control
Track Name: Gemstore
curvature employed
phosphorous pedigree
now inspect the gems' functional symmetry
allocate the funds to purchase everything
now incorporate, proceed to decimate
nothing can withstand upon unleashing
now we can control without depleting
our resources have been stretched quite thin
now the tide will turn, and we will win
atonement calls for our disaster pause
our position is ideal i can feel
their disgust at overbearance i despise
their negligence of the skies
they don't even know their rights
how can they claim that we are one and the same
the rift is obvious, it will be us that will restore
put an end to endless war, bring about a lasting peace
one that never will cease
Track Name: Webel
i'm a webel
i deal in drugs and prostitutes
no black and white, there's no absolutes
gimme a knife and a gun that pops
it's alright, cause i'm one step ahead of the cops