by Brandon Edge

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a bunch of acoustic tracks recorded from 2014-2016 at eclipse studio, austin tx. many of them contain old lyrics since i'd been going through and transcribing old notebooks to the computer.


released March 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Brandon Edge Texas

Austin, TX-based songwriter. 30 albums avail. on bandcamp or elsewhere [youtube & mediafire]. All downloads are FREE or name- your-price! See my FB artist page [linked below] for full discog and links to almost all of my music [click the "about" tab then click "see more" under where it says "description"] ... more

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Track Name: Rebel Song
[2003 song. rec'd 1/28/15]

i'm gonna make a stand, i'm gonna make my intention clear
i'm gonna make a stand and it's all gonna happen here...
this girl named alison, i love her so
she's tuned into the spirit of the radio
cause it knows we're doing the best that we can
pigs don't follow where my hooligans tread
and when they do they often get a bullet in the head
then they're dead, that's what i just said, you pansy
she makes a dream of my reality
she's got a certain thing, and it's like a glow
she's just a little queen of her own little scene
she sets me free you know i can't let go
cuz tonight we're gonna make it alright
she lives with her mom and she hates her life, her parents aren't ok with me makin' her my wife
and you know i'm not really sure about it myself
you see us as we walk with a shadowy clack, our sessions are colossal in the bedroom sack
cause we are the stars of an internet site

the silent praise of her adorable gaze, she likes to make me smile cause she's oh so good
she heals my heart when it falls apart, and it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood
cause tonight we're gonna make it alright

we broke into the school about a quarter to 4
inspired by our heroes bill gates, steve jobs and fucking al gore
we can't take it anymore!!!! it's time to settle the score!!!!!! revolutionary war!!!!!!!!!
is what we all strive for!! it's what we have in store!!!!!
but the purity of love is our esprit de corps

we're gonna cause a blast, for mistakes in the past
have led our noble culture up a dead garden path
we're setting up the bombs, we're singing rebel songs
we'll fashion new ideals in the aftermath
cause tonight we're gonna make it alright
Track Name: Sunlight
i'll give you the blind and simple truth
warm smile and the love to see you through
i'll be the descending guiding light
enable the nations with clear sight
i'll be your sunlight
the radiation through the clouds
and when the day comes
proclaim my love to you aloud
i'll give you a silent clever guise
i'll give in to violence when i die
up to the dissension set your tune
we'll meet up in heaven see you soon
i'll be your sunlight
and though you often prefer the shade
the things i'm losing would not outweigh what i have gained
and now you feel you're all alone
you've taken leave of all you've known
the breath of holiness
the hopelessness impressed upon you
the sunlight is reaching out to you
Track Name: Laura's Socks
[wrote this in 2002 or 3. rec'd 1/29/2015.]

he said the doors open at 6 tonight
laura's in the sky, got her socks on tight
and her offers in the memory of the soon to be
tremble in line for the sold out show in my mind
an ever-present mystery, your face behind the computer screen
is beautiful like health and well-being
silver stars and fields that are green
lover of the dark, sorrow is not what i want you to feel
kissing and licking and listening to u2
alcohol on my fingers, tongue, and feet...and you
away too long, your life gets boring, things go wrong
people come around, second stories without floors
things you never thought to do, but i did
and what's more i like your ears and your nose and your eyes
i'll gaze and admire amidst a desert sunrise
forestall fate and the cruelty of time
for one sweet day please say you'll be mine
i'm stuck in the mud with proverbs and plight
but your particular delusions could provide me with delight
i grasp your concepts, though i'm dumber than dirt
i write songs for girls cuz i'm a silly flirt
Track Name: Always My Love [V1, Acoustic]
as i see the orange sky filtering out blame and confusion
you say this is a dream, but i don't have to believe you
this is what i need
i fly down to a cloud where i can rest for a while
long road is ahead as you glance with a smile
i see the first star, always my love
i see the last hope, always my love
i watch the sky drop as we blast away
what a wonderful view, breathing space w/ my eyes seeing all
100,000,000 tiny dots fill our view
what galaxy will you choose
now we are numb against nothing
perfect life nothing to fight or work out
i loved you before but i don't no more
guess that's how it goes when i flow
i insult your intelligence, i don't think it's right to be harmful
don't think it's right, i don't like you anymore cause you're harmful
harm is bad, space is good
keep on flying through the orange sky 'til you feel the power
and act as you should
i see the first star, always my love
i see the last hope, always my love
i watch the sky drop as we blast away
Track Name: Nowhere to Fall
hand me down my lawful saber before the staggered columns taper
and the ceiling is no more, the win before the score
casket case, our senate race, a sinful speech unto the breach
i'm only what you see, a lifeless falling tree, don't test me

worried roads in disrepair thru the valley of the ones that care
unless you cross the tracks you cannot ride

suspicions crawl, disguises flake, decrepit sprawl
nowhere to fall

oscillate through easy targets
getting wine out of a carpet is not an easy task
so tap another cask
question answers of scandal advancers
fear the stupefied romancers
the bleach into the grout
the plan to ease my doubt, is out

overflowing wishing well, the mailbox is underwater now
whatever null clause works for the sweating fascists

the moment's gone, the thought goes on in spite of it all
nowhere to fall
Track Name: Acrobat
thoughts have silenced all our words
life is spinning out at turns
wondered if we'd ever learn
feel like an acrobat falling from the tightrope act
thought i had a net but not this time
thought you had a rope but somebody cut the line
controvert is a drunken priest
left of center, the evil duckling is dead
one nation under "expire"
oh my god, would you please kill me now
my life has expired and everything's wrong
god help me now, it's best that we just cut our losses right now
Track Name: Fighting for Our Lives
caught you faking and hold it til the morning, it never comes
pull the stops and the starts that didn't get you going at all
i've been known for hanging on
it's a little too late to talk about what's making us cold
rags to razors anticipate the worst case scenario
if you could help to let me go
you're barely holding back, you've got a knack for hemming slacks
entice my decision making skills
am i to stare at window sills and wait for the brick to shatter
what does it matter
the friendly chatter keeps up the pretense
that everything's alright
we love each other we don't fight under whip cracks
advancing urban blight
and now that everything's alright
i can tell you without reservation we're fighting for our lives
holy mother of pride applaud the locksmith caught in the tide
blind acceptance is not enough to fill the hollow inside
bored to tears a time to bide
marching off the cliff, where you can find the petroglyph
that some ancient artist left to remind us
of just how long and hard we've had to fight
to achieve disgraceful appalling wasteful
crass and shameful society
oh but everything's alright
we love each other we don't fight under whip cracks
advancing urban blight
and now that everything's alright
i can tell you without reservation we're fighting for our lives
Track Name: Extreme Prejudice
we're gonna kill everyone that looks like you
everyone that thinks the way you do
you deserve to die
we're gonna kill everyone that follows you
everyone that talks to you
we're gonna save the day
we're gonna kill everyone that talks to you
that's what we're gonna do
eliminate your race
i love to celebrate myself and look at myself in the mirror
it's really so interesting to look at my face
cause it's beautiful like yours is not
and you must be the one to rot in the fucking hole
with extreme prejudice
it doesn't mean a whole lot of things
but it means one thing and that's your death
you're gonna die tonight from a military strike
a military strike is coming down to kill you
partner up with the avocado
Track Name: Rayo de Felicidad en el Flor-Cubrió Sueño
[some google translated spanish lyrics circa...2004? guitar part recorded 2009, vocals 2015. title translates to "
ray of happiness in the flower-covered dream"]

Dar un paseo a donde la tierra se encuentra con el cielo. Ver si alguna vez llegar a donde necesita ir. Es eso lo que querías saber? Supongo que no, el tiempo para que usted pueda soplar. Yo, es decir, soy el que necesita para ser soplado. Loco que ver, que nunca has conocido. Voy a estar allí para usted, eso es un hecho en todo el mundo conocido. Pero los patrones cíclicos de la disonancia que reaccionan, hacen usted fuma cocaína.
Repleto con la impresionabilidad, yo no puedo lograr. Permanezca conmigo, para mis propósitos. Llegaré a ser mucho mejor para humanidad, en el fin último. Cuándo se termina, usted vendrá en mí y sueño. Produciré los resultados sin el potencial. Crea en mis poderes, su produzca nomina el presidente del mundo. En el flor-cubrió sueño, mándeme al sol. Soy tu propio.
Soy su único y verdadero amor. Yo te protegeré del frío, el dolor, y todo lo que es profano. Creer en mí, cariño, soy el único que queda vivo. Todos los demás están muertos. El mundo está poblado por máquinas con inteligencia artificial. No hay escapatoria. Que van a venir a matarnos pronto. Debemos escondernos. Puede conducir un coche con transmisión manual? Necesito su ayuda, pronto.

auto-re-translated back to english:
Stroll where the earth meets the sky. See if you get where you need to go. Is that what you wanted to know? I guess not, time for you to blow. I, that is, I have need to be blown. Crazy to see, you've never known. I'll be there for you, that's a fact throughout the known world. But the cyclical patterns of disharmony that react, do you smoke cocaine.
Replete with impressionability, I can not achieve. Stay with me, for my purposes. I will become much better for humanity in the last end. When completed, you will come to me and sleep. I will produce results without the potential. Believe in my powers, the President nominates produce the world. In the flower-covered dream, send me the sun. I am your own.
I am your one true love. I will protect you from the cold, pain, and all that is unholy. Believe me, honey, I'm the only one left alive. Everyone else is dead. The world is populated by machines with artificial intelligence. There is no escape. They are coming to kill us soon. We must hide. You can drive a car with manual transmission? I need your help, soon.
Track Name: Love My Place in Life
if i speak to you about something intelligent
don't interrupt me and cause my perfect shape to get bent
if i bring up some points that cause you to flip out
don't get pissy too soon, you don't know just what i'm talking about
please get a clue, you're not me and i'm not you
there's more going on here than is immediately apparent
please don't claw up my face like an overzealous ferret
why is your house in my way, bulldozing the fucking plain?
shit is what's plaguing me, now i'm pissed off as i'm sure you see
the handle to the door makes me bleed
and now i beg you please to lift up my deeds
won't you lift up my needs and love my place in life
Track Name: I Had to Dream (Prick Me Bitch)
go ahead and prick me bitch, see if i bleed
all this attention is more than i need
my blood may not be thicker than the air in here
would you love me if i used some roman numerals
and laughed at every single word you said
but could you sacrifice that very laugh you get
from every single person for one fucking kiss
i don't get nothin'
i had a dream that i could be enough for you
and decide gently your fate
but my fate had relieved me of the strength to choose my own fate
tried to save you, but you wouldn't have none of that
i met you when i had just enough of my innocence left
to be taken away by a force unknown
i met you when i poured out the last of what i had to drink
feeling forgotten but to be forgotten i would first have to be known
nobody knows what i've seen baby
see everything in my life has been real mean
i had to dream to get away from it all
Track Name: Mar-Rar
there ain't nothin' like a new car
heartless amateurs will go far
all i wanna do is make it up to you, i'm gonna kill the fuckers
numbnut quarterback on crack, he's responsible for carjack
all i wanna do is make it up to you, i'm gonna kill the fuckers
say what you and and do what you need
i will always love you more than anything
so don't you worry 'bout me
lacking enthusiasm, that's me
a fiery pit into which i deliver the pitch
revile your own upstanding conscience for $29.95
like it's 1995, like you're just another bee in the hive
like we've got a working car to drive
i never picked up this guitar
and everything i say is meaningful like mar rar rar
mar rar rar
mar rar rar
Track Name: Butt-Roll
pass me a piece of that fine bungholio, i need a butt-roll
don't build no house of cards, no castles in the air
no ships in bottles, mountainous molehills, don't be a pot and call a kettle
look at some trees and see there's a forest there
and if you're not there you can't hear the fall pride comes before
there's an ocean in my balls
necessity is the mother of invention
you can have your cure, i'll take that ounce of prevention
one volunteer is worth 20 pressed men
pay peanuts, get monkeys, set the world on a pin
in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed is king
but no one is blinder than he who will not see
so pass me a piece of that fine bungholio, i need a butt-roll
you're jumping over an eggshell, off a cliff, to the conclusion of yourself
you know god helps those who help themselves
he'll give you just enough rope to hand yourself
if you're a physician, man, you can heal thyself
fortune favors the bold, but don't live by the sword
you shouldn't attempt to carry the world on your shoulders
if your book has a dust cover you'll be judged accordingly
the horses that i give away aren't worth as much money, yea
power corrupts, empty vessels make a loud sound
you can't run with the hare and hunt with the hound
for greeks bearing gifts, check the stomach not the mouth
talk is cheap, those who can't do will treach
and as you sow so shall you reap
beauty lies in the eyes, a coward dies many times
if you're looking for a needle in a haystack beware you don't prick yourself when you finally find it
cause haystacks are filthy, and when infection sets in
i'm not gonna be there to help you start again
you're a fool with a pound and wise with a penny
but the needs of the few can't come before the needs of the many
live by the sword, gonna die by the sword
your ship's in a storm you'll head for any shore
lock yourself inside your brain and throw away the key
have fun hating everyone and feigning humility
to err is humon, to forgive divine
you gotta get yours, but bitch i gotta get mine
so pass me a piece of that fine bungholio, i need a butt-roll
Track Name: Lighting Facts
you're feeling so alone
i'll take the games and pick up the loan loose change
the fighting is getting harder to escape
the fact remains i'm sick of the same old things
the lighting is glowing dimmer by the day
Track Name: Stucco [V1, Acoustic]
[lyrics from 1994]

see the little girl in the alleyway
the sun is coming up so bright today
you're probably gone and i can't see
the light of the sun is blinding me
though i love you now, now you chose to go away
leave forever, i don't need an explanation
sun comes up to my dead feelings, the bruises on my heart won't heal
the scars won't wash away, a tattered face of black and blue
is all i can display
that's my least favorite thing i associate with you
tied down with love and devotion
drowning in the deep blue ocean
why won't you come and play with me for a day or two
i can't believe that you would do this to me
i can't believe that it's true. why. me. you.
the wall of the alley is made with stucco
can i stick my penis in your fuckhole
i would appreciate that
Track Name: Nation of Fucks
[lyrics circa 1999]

nation of fucks watching the tube
making sure their cars are properly lubed
blazing the trail, spotting some quail
birds are for consumption, not for a sport
to my love i must resort
misrepresentation of my client
LSD, don't try it, it's a fad, it's horrible
show the basketball how to dribble itself in a new way with a new style
and a new balance on concrete, with winded spirits and faded resemblances
of my grey love, and love is regret, and fire is water
grass is fire, my wishes are my food
grain is rice, drywall is grain, fucked up world again
my time is up, won't you come along
teach me how to be a person
Track Name: Vendetta
gonna drop you like a lead balloon and pick your brain with a silver spoon
on account of all we've been taken for
i'm on a rampage out to settle the score
i got weapons up the butt and you know they shoot
flame-throwin' motherfucker in a fireproof suit
enough of your high and mighty upper-class attitude
i'll slit your throat and call an ambulance full of food
it's not gonna help you no, just bring me steak
fish, salad, and fresh produce for me to take
massive amounts of PCP injected up your ass for a very small fee
ooh that one's non-negotiable, baby
drivin' on the shoulder, hand on my gat, i got a vendetta now
you can take it up with my fucking lawyer, i got a lawyer
he's got gats too, gonna drop you like a lead balloon
that's not like no poon, no poontang for you, i got a jew
somethin' else that rhymes with something that sounds like spoon
but i can't use that word again because it was already used in the first verse
massive amounts of PCP injected up your ass for a very small fee
Track Name: Caribou/Pantera
[lyrics circa 1999]

i can't lose weight, weird veins on legs, marks on my foot, small dick
joints pop and squeak
don't kill that caribou, it's still alive, it's got a lot of living to do
yeah huh
wait a second, pantera's here, what the fuck are they doing
who let the mutts out again
joints pop, and squeak
don't kill that caribou, it's still alive, it's got a lot of living to do
everything is fucked up, everything is wrong
come to my house, suck on my dong
Track Name: Loon [V1, Acoustic]
i'm gonna pace around the room and act like a loon
that's what i'm gonna do
that's what i intend to do, to you
i'm gonna make your life a living hell
lock you inside your house and force you to do things for me
like sing and dance and cook and clean and cream cream cream cream cream cream
i'm gonna pace around the room and act like a loon
that's what i'm gonna do
Track Name: Punk Party
party, punk party, you can invite all your punkass friends to the punk party
we've got something to do today...
we're gonna raise an army and kill forevermore
we're gonna tell you how to live your life
and if you don't comply, well that's the end of your life
and then we're having a party, a punk party
we've got someone to kill today
Track Name: Fallin' Down
[lyrics from 1999]

you won't like us as people, we don't read your books
we find it hard to make good sense about anything
we don't think what you did was much
i don't think i can worship luck
recreation my deviation, unlike devotion, scatter
sick about turning down a new world order
sick about the taxman taking my quarters
lookin' at myself in the mirror, tryin' to see the world just a little bit clearer
sick about the fuckin' police, imma set up
thinkin' bout a pawn shop 9 cause i'm fed up
sick about livin' in a one track town, i'm fallin' down
sick about fire, i'm fallin' down, sick about liars, i'm fallin' down
wanna get you higher, don't need no crown, wanna get high but i'm fallin' down
sick about the corporate exaltation
sick about the state of the fuckin' nation
and i'm sick of tv tellin' me how to live
takin' all the time that they won't give
figured out life's nothin' more than a sound now i'm falling down
we're sick about the fire, we're fallin' down, sick of all the liars, we're fallin' down
wanna get higher, we don't need no crown, wanna get high but we're fallin' down
revolution, retribution, a pack of lies, a temporary solution
renovation, revelation, a pack of lies, a temporary solution
a set of truths for all the youths of the useless, that's what i got, hey yo people
i've had more than enough, i don't get it why my life is so tough
i'm livin' like a 4 alarm in a forest eatin' up the time cause i'm headsmack bored
can anybody tell me the point of being when all i can see is a lack of seeing
the world is gone to hell cause the devil's all happy and stuff
we got a buck or two in that deal yes we did
remember the time we all ran free, well i don't either
so won't you tell me what's the point of being for one fuckin' thing
you hear the sound of laughter and it makes you die faster
the song is meaningful, yes it is, it's a serious song, that's right
and this is the chorus
we're sick of all the wars, they're makin' us fall down
sick of all the whores, they'll be sucking us down
into the pit of quicksand, where you don't fall
you just sink
Track Name: Pumpin' That Iron
i'll have you pumpin' that iron before too long
i'll have you pumpin' that iron and suckin' my dong
gotta get in shape, gotta do it right
gotta lift the weights all day and night
listen to my sermon, only time will tell
if you're gonna go to heaven or you're goin' to hell
here's a way to ensure yourself to win
jettison that pride and gluttony and sloth, cause that's a sin
i'll have you pumpin' that iron before too long
i'll have you pumpin' that iron and suckin' my dong
Track Name: Fred
[dedicated to soulseek user fredlsd77]

fred, fred
fred, fred
fred, fred
is on L. S D
Track Name: Donation of Sperm
this is just another service i'm willing to provide
Track Name: Bone-Driven for Bush
[i got this poster/flag with no pole/cloth thing/whatever at a bush show in 1996 that said this]

bone-driven for bush, i am bone-driven for bush
yeah, bush, that bush, not kate bush, not george bush
but bush, just bush
that's the one with gavin rossdale at the helm
i am bone-driven for bush
Track Name: Pump the Crotch
pump the crotch, it's all you got, life in a normal cage
make me watch 10 more ink blots, crotch print is on the page
hold the phone, don't leave me alone, pay attention to my pleas
it's getting weirder trying to deal with life, my dear
pour the scotch and take a shot, we're here at the rifle range
alcohol and firearms, it might get a little strange
place importance on your words, coasting like a golf ball from the tee
in a foreign country, relegate the fee, exchanging commodities in silence
beneath the trees, pantaloons creased
as the rocket will be ascending to the stars
Track Name: Hump Time
Track Name: Hateful Song with Pretentious Title
[lyrics from 1999]
here i am writing a song, i'm going to insult you so try to sing along
no words can describe how completely worthless you are
forever's not time enough to erase these emotional scars
hell or high water, whatever it takes, i'll try
to find a way to fucking kill you, and if i have to, i'll lie
you wouldn't understand the things that i go through, you stupid bastard whore
just get your fucking ass out of my house and pick the shit up off the floor
erasing my words in the news that i learn
reaping the rewards of diminishing returns
helping me end myself, it's the only thing you know
i'm gonna stop this fucking game, now it's time for you to go
hell or high water, whatever it takes, i will try
to find a way to fucking kill you, and if i have to, i'll lie
you wouldn't understand the things that i go through, you stupid bastard whore
get your fucking ass out of my house and pick the shit up off the floor
yeah, die, now, i really hate you a lot, it's filled with hate
i like to kill, i'm insulting you as a matter of course
and of course i like myself so much better that's right
come on rock out, something that sounds important
Track Name: Cunt Muscles
i am a star of the stage and screen, you know what that means
i've got the power, feel the power of my cunt muscles
gonna do it tonight, i always do it right
feel the power of my cunt muscles, gonna make you feel quite alright
come on i do it all night long [grip the penis real tight]
i grip it real good, gonna do it right, [tonight you know i will]i always make you cream
i know just how to work that penis, i know just how to work that cock
i know just how to make my pussy tight, tonight
it's the only way to rock, oh god, what have we done to our society
oh no, future generations are gonna suffer
the environment, oh yeah, the environment
gotta save the endangered species aw haw, recycle that shit come on
my pussy is #1, my pussy will make you cum (power of my cunt now, feel the power of environmental concerns when you do what you should do to save the planet, it's always the right choice to make yeah, global warming can make ya hot, just like my pussy can make ya cream if you know what i mean, everybody gonna cum tonight when i make my pussy clench real tight, i can do those things for you)
let's not hear any more about this...we can talk about that...don't talk about tightly clenched vaginas anymore, don't talk about those vaginas anymore
Track Name: Fire Snout
[lyrics from 1999]

i thought god was touching me, i was touching myself
i wonder if you ever laugh, strain in the veins of your better half
going nowhere fast
like a calf locked in a box, only escape is the chop
of the slaughterer's blade
in the name of entertainment, who's getting laid?
we call upon a force that can break the feeble trust of the faithless / faceless
a tank brigade called Fire Snout, buff enough to knock tyson out
we won't be sold, we'll never be impressed by an artist of evil catatonic distress
i got a snout and it's fiery
fire is coming from my asshole
Track Name: Blocks
oh my gosh there's a problem with me, oh my gosh
oh my dear there's a problem with you, oh my dear
oh my dear let me whisper in your ear, you are acting mighty queer
please don't take this out on me, please don't make this hard on me
knocking over all the building blocks of life, you are
oh my dear i am hopeless and bored, oh my dear
everything that i wanted from life has disappeared
oh my gosh what the hell have we done with our time
oh my dear we are so insincere, we deserve to die
please don't make me say these things
please don't make me regret everything
knocking over the building blocks of life
blowing up the foundation of our society, that's right
Track Name: Natural Selection
[stolen from a post by "SurfDude" at ... 02-23-2009, 06:13 AM. lyrics in []'s by me]

[i'm bored and i'm lonely so i got on my computer and i looked something totally inane up on the google search. i did, and now i'm gonna sing what came up. i didn't find what i was looking for but i found something else, about evolution...]

Here's the jist. I'll try to leave out many of the technicalities so that you can get the most from a very basic description. There is much more going on that what I'm about to say, but can't get into because there is too much to say about very complex systems that are hard to briefly describe. Understand this: [you could die] You could major in evolutionary biology and still not know all there is to know about evolution.

First you have to understand DNA. DNA is basically information. Just like information on your hard drive, everything is stored as a series of yes/no bits. Just like the information on a hard drive can be the difference between a hacker's hack pad, a gamer's pc, or a master scientist's life work... the DNA in your cells can code the difference between an amoeba, a duck, or tomato plant.

Now you have to figure in the 1 basic property of all living organisms... the need to reproduce.

We'll start basic. Things like bacteria and other single-celled organisms have a very simple reproduction cycle in that they just split apart and one cell turns into two. On average, bacteria do this once every two hours. Now imagine that every so often, throughout replication somehow one (or more) of those little yes/no bits in the DNA change... As in they don't copy exactly. Suddenly, you could have anything from a radically new super-bacteria, to a very very similar bust slightly different bacteria, to a deformed and dysfunctional bacteria that will die in a matter of seconds (and thus not be able to reproduce), and everything inbetween. Over the course of thousands/millions of years, some amount of these "changes" accumulate until you eventually if you were to compare this new bacteria to to the old one, you'd never know the two were once the same.

Now imagine that you let this course happen for billions of years. Eventually you'll start getting more complex organisms that have more complex ways of reproducing. Such as us organisms that require two to tango. When you stop making copies and start introducing more variety to the equation, you get a faster rate of evolution. Variation is essentially the driving force of evolution. With increased variation, you get a better chance for the offspring of the two parent organisms to have some "new" DNA sequence.

Now I haven't said anything about natural selection.

This term is a GIANT misnomer, for two reasons. 1) No one is "selecting" the genes that mutate and get to live on/ reproduce, and 2) People tend to think that natural selection allows for organisms to "select" which mutations they want to have. In the case of 1, religious idiots tend to point to their supreme being and say that he must be the "natural selector", which is moronic. For 2, you can't "want" to have a baby with eleven fingers and then pop out an eleven-fingered baby. You'd have to find a mate with eleven fingers, and then hope that the eleven fingered gene passes down to your offspring from your mate.

So what exactly is natural selection? It's better described as the "only the strong survives" law. When a genetic mutation occurs, it can be somewhere from beneficial, to benign, to harmful. When it's harmful, such as mental retardation, you generally don't see those organisms reproduce and pass on their retard-DNA. When it's benign, the organism will reproduce just as normally, and pass on it's useless mutation to subsequent generations. Finally you can have positive mutations. These are what biology tends to favor. The general order of life tends to find the most optimal genetic mutations to assist in an organisms living. You can find examples of these everywhere you look. Why do you have nails? Why are your teeth arranged the way they are? Why are butterfly's wings built they way they are? The list is endless. This happens because, generally speaking, when an organism is lucky enough to be born with one of these positive mutations, they out-compete the rest of the other organisms, live longer, and reproduce more. Eventually everyone has this positive gene... And the process restarts.

But this process isn't as jerky as it sounds. It's not like a plant one day gave birth to a little seedling with a brain. It's not like a fish had a little fish baby that grew legs. It's an incredibly slow, luck based, process which often makes very subtle changes at a time. If you read about the brain, you'll read about how some parts of the brain are millions of years old, while others such as the prefrontal cortex are relatively new. This is because it took a long time to first create the brain... and then it took longer to add new parts to it.

A final rule that is also good to know about evolution is that it tends to not "add" new parts to an organism. Here's an example. Do you think that a giraffe's neck has extra spine bones, or do you think that it's neck just has very large spine bones? The answer is the ladder. Evolution tends to change (aka mutate) what is already there, rather than to add/remove parts. This of course is not always the case... obviously.

So what is evolution? It's a roll of the dice. An offspring that intends to be an "evolved form" of another needs to 1) Be EXTREMELY lucky enough for their DNA to mutate, 2) Be EXTREMELY lucky enough that their mutation works out well, and then 3) Finally live long enough to reproduce and have healthy babies that pass on their mutation.

And as for "Intelligent Evolution", I wouldn't have a clue what you're talking about.